• May 23, 2016

    Beauty Insider Tips: Enya-Marie Sullivan

    This month we interviewed the beautiful Enya-Marie Sullivan, she tells us how her secret talent was revealed, what it’s like working with celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake and of course gives us a sneak-peak in to her make-up bag.

    enya 2

    When did you decide you wanted to become a make-up artist and how did you make it happen?

    I kind of fell into this industry. When I was studying for my A-levels I had every intention to do drama and performance at university rather than anything in art, but I always loved art all through school. Not wanting to go to university straight from college was probably the catalyst for me getting into this career. I did a beauty therapy Level 2 NVQ at Crawley College and it wasn’t really my thing, but for a laugh we entered a big makeup competition In Kent and out of 30 girls I came 2nd which was a massive shock. That made me think about taking my studying into a different direction and doing makeup. I wanted to learn as much as I could about all different types from fashion makeup to prosthetics. I researched and found NVQ level 3 course in theatrical media and makeup at East Surrey college and it was the best thing I ever did. My tutor was so fantastic, she really pushed me and I learnt so much from her, we made bald caps, body painted, airbrushed and learnt all about period hair and makeup as well as fashion. It was such an insight into the amount of knowledge you needed for this industry that some people just felt very none plus about. I won student of the year whilst studying there and my tutor insisted I went to university to study the art of makeup in further detail. Naturally I didn’t feel I was good enough but applied anyway, I got into 3 out 4 of my choices and I was so excited to start a new chapter up in London. I chose to attend West Thames College for the HND Specialist makeup and it was honestly the most amazing place to study. The tutors are all in industry – if they see potential in you and you work hard they push you. Many times I wanted to have a melt down from the sheer amount of work we had to do, it wasn’t just a makeup degree but a fashion and history one too. Through one of my amazing tutors; Sam Smart, I was offered my first work experience working on Downton Abbey which was incredible and from then got my first paid trainee job on Channel E’s The Royals starring Liz Hurley. My career went on from there really!

    After graduating you went on to assist celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake! What is your favourite thing about working with Bryony?

    I was so lucky to have met Bry, she is just the most talented and gorgeous human being and she has become a great friend! I was put forward to assist her for Fabulous Magazine shoot two years ago and we hit it off straight away, and I’ve been her assistant ever since. She has got me on some amazing jobs such as assisting on Strictly Come Dancing and This Morning and has let me cover her when she can’t do certain jobs. The best thing about working with Bryony is all the knowledge she gives you and just her general aura, she is the kindest and happiest soul, it is infectious and she just wants you to do well.

    Your website looks fantastic. Do you have any top tips for women who are looking to set up their own business?

    Aw thank you so much that’s very kind, it’s taken a while to get it to where I want it! A lot of stuff has been juggled around haha. I think it’s a process, I’ve still got a long way to go but if you take your time and be kind and friendly to everyone you meet, building your business will be easier because being helpful to people on jobs no matter what one you do can lead to other jobs in the future. It doesn’t matter what business you are setting up, you need to be dedicated and I live and breathe my job. I miss out on a lot of social things because I put my work first but my friends and family are amazing and extremely understanding. They are very supportive and you need that as well to set up a business because sometimes it can be stressful especially if you are a freelancer. So I know I am very lucky, but I believe being self-employed is such a challenging but rewarding process. Don’t be afraid to do it girls!!!

    So back to the make-up. What products could we expect to always see in you make-up bag?

    Well, I absolutely love my Bourjois Gel Foundation! It’s not heavy and has a dewy finish, which is a must for me. I always use a Bobbi Brown corrector for darkness under the eyes and then an illuminating concealer such as the Bourjois healthy mix concealer or Touché E’clat. I always have my Chanel Soleil Tan bronzer it gives you a healthy glow, especially coming into spring and summer it’s an essential. I use a Maxfactor Masterpiece Max mascara, I don’t know what it is about the brush but it makes your lashes look amazing! I don’t really buy expensive mascaras because there are so many good high street ones. For blush I love the Bobbi Brown cream blushers or the Bourjois ones are lovely too. Charlotte Tilbury eye-shadows are amazing, I have those as well as a Mac palette and the Urban Decay Naked palette in my personal bag, probably excessive but I like a variety of eye-shadows haha. I am obsessed with gel eyeliners so I have one from Maybelline which is amazing and one from Bobbi Brown, they are great when doing a smoky eye.

    enya's make-up

    When you’re on a job, how do you like to wear your make-up?

    I like to go fairly natural, I do a brown smoky eye some days, a nude eye and red lip another, or winged liner and glossy lips another it honestly depends on what I’m wearing that day (which is usually black haha) or what mood I’m in. I don’t go heavy though I like fresh skin and I also think it stops clients from judging you before you’ve even started working.

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    It must get hot on different TV sets, how do you keep your skin looking fresh?

    It can do, and it can get busy with lots of people all around, so I use Urban Decay’s Chill – Makeup fixing spray, I keep it in my set bag to use on jobs and on myself. It smells gorgeous and keeps the makeup looking fresh.

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    I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to foundation. If you could recommend one foundation for me to try, what would it be?

    Well, it’s hard to recommend just one as it depends on skin type. But if I had to and with a high-end budget I would try Armani’s Silk Foundation – it’s amazing! I have it in my work kit because it leaves such a lovely finish. I also would recommend Stila’s Illuminating foundation for a mid-range budget and for low budget try the Bourjois Gel Foundation I honestly love it. I hope that helps and you like at least one of those haha.

    You’ve worked on some famous faces, who was your favourite?

    Well, I’ve been very privileged to meet some amazing people in this job, at ITV This Morning and assisting on Strictly Come Dancing. When I go in as a freelancer to This Morning I get to work on some lovely people but my favourite was when I worked with Bryony on the Radio Times Magazine shoot for Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes. I was Caroline Quentin’s hairdresser and she was just so lovely, both her and Martin were so fun to be around, it was amazing.

    caroline quentin 2

    Do you have a signature scent?

    Yes I definitely do, mine is Lacoste Touch of Pink, I freak out if I run out of it!

    Finally, if you could give us one bit of advice what would it be? (This could be beauty related or career related) 

    My advice would be to always be as happy as you can in life, don’t settle for something you don’t want. Push yourself to your limit and it will pay off, don’t be afraid of taking a risk it will also pay off. Try and stay as positive in as many situations as you can, even if it seems hard, you will manifest what you want if you believe in your abilities. Always be kind and mindful of others especially in your career, you never know who you are affecting and who you are meeting, you can’t go wrong by being friendly.

    To find out more about Enya you can visit her website: http://enyasullivan.com


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