• April 18, 2017

    Five mistakes women make with their skincare

    As we look forward to our exclusive make-up and skincare masterclass with Smashbox Cosmetics next week on Wednesday 26th April, we spoke to our skincare panelist Lori Bee to find out the five mistakes women make with their skincare routine. Lori will be offering some advice on how we can take better care of our skin next week. To get your ticket click here

    1. Going to bed wearing makeup

    This is very damaging to your skin as it can block pores and keep dust and pollution clinging to your skin, leading to breakouts and reactions such as rashes!

    2. Picking your spots and touching your face

    This is not good for your skin, as it allows germs and bacteria from your hands and under the fingernails to be transferred to the skin, leading to cross contamination and skin infections. It can also cause further breakouts and picking/ squeezing spots and pimples can also cause scarring

    3. Not wearing sun protection

    This can be damaging to the skin as failure to wear suitable SPF prevents the skin from being protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays causing the risk of contracting skin cancer to be increased. A lack of sun protection can also cause signs premature aging, with fine lines appearing particularly around the mouth, eyes and across the forehead

    4. Lack of sleep

    A lack of sleep and rest can prevent the skin from obtaining the amount of sleep that it needs to renew itself. The skin goes through a natural exfoliation process where skin cells are renewed as we sleep, which could be the reason why sleep has often been called ‘beauty sleep

    5.Poor diet

    Having a poor diet that lacks sufficient nutritional value is another skincare mistake that many make. Not getting enough skin renewing nutrients in our diet, such as Vitamin A and E in our diet can lead to skin look dull and dehydrated. Insufficient fibre and healthy fats, such as Omega 3, can also prevent skin from looking youthful and feeling supple.

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