• September 28, 2016

    Five things we learned from Richard Asomugha

    Today we kicked off our Inspiration Season on our talk show, Girls Talk, with the incredibly inspiring young motivational speaker Richard Asomugha. At just 19 years old, Richard tours the UK giving motivational talks to young people in secondary school. Richard began his career after he got through a period of depression that was caused by him suffering from a career ending basketball injury.  Our hosts sat down with Richard to find out more about his company, Here with Richard and to find out the secrets to success.

    You can watch the interview below and the five things we took away from our chat.

    Make Lemonade

    Richard lost out on a basketball scholarship that would have seen him play basketball internationally and achieve his dream career. However, an injury that could have crippled him ended his career. Instead of staying in a depressed state, he picked himself up and used this experience to motivate others.

    Dress like a prospect 

    It is important to think about how you want to look and how you want people to treat you. If you want respect, than dress like a prospect.

    Greatness is inside all of us 

    You just have to get it out and it is really simple ‘Just do it!’. You have to understand that you have something to offer and you are not on this earth by accident

    Change what you are exposed to 

    Show me your friends and I will show you your future’ so make sure you keep positive people around you.

    Your mind needs to be on another level

    Do not allow people to waste your ‘mind space’ and ensure that you are focused on being the best you can be

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