• September 7, 2016

    Five ways to never give up

    How many times have you said “I got bored” or  “I’ll do it tomorrow”? I am sure those words have slipped your tongue many times this year.  When you are going through a difficult time at work for example on a project or are getting settled into a new job role or trying to loose weight you may find this longing urge to quit when times get hard.

    It may be a survival instinct, to help guide us to safety, but quitting has never led anyone to success.

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    1. Awareness
    Whether your goal is to walk up those stairs at work or to hike through the Scottish highlands (both sounding the same, at this moment). To achieve your target; you must have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. When we do not completely know what we want, we tend to give up. Make sure that your goal is simple but detailed.What you want to achieve should never be vague and you should allow yourself to change and mould your ideas.

    2. Plan
    Once you’ve figured out what you want, you must know how you plan to achieve it. Get yourself a pen and paper and write down bullet points on how you will reach this goal. Your plan is what will include the detail; for example, the goal can be to cook rice which is simple but the plan must include what kind of rice, the amount of rice, how you will cook the rice, and so on.

    3. Practice makes perfect
    Make not giving up part of our daily routine and try to not give up on small activities for example try jogging a little longer, not eating that piece of cake or finishing puzzles such as Sudoku. This will train your mind to give up less as endorphins will be released when you realise that you haven’t given up.

    4. Passion
    Passion can be very helpful. When you have passion for what you are doing it can make it easier to battle through hard times. Passion can also make the journey more enjoyable and worthwhile.

    5. Self-Discipline
    Giving up has much to do with our self-control. When we lack discipline we find ourselves walking down an alleyway to quitting. To improve self-discipline starting a sport can help; Sports teach determination, improvement, and self-discipline along with much more. If like me, you’d much rather be on the couch watching the new episode of Power then you can teach yourself self-discipline in other ways. For example, you can remove temptations, eat healthily and treat yourself when you have self disciplined. Teaching yourself self-discipline will need repetition and practice but it will make persistence easier.

    On your inevitable road to success, remember to enjoy it. The enjoyment of the journey will make it easier.


    But mostly important please remember to ‘NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP’

    Marta Feseha

    Header image photo credit (http://www.afuchan.com/)

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