• May 18, 2014

    Girls Talk London Meets Nicky McGroarty, Head of Supply Chain, 02

    I recently sat down with Nicky McGroarty, Head of Supply Chain at 02 where she spoke openly about her successful career as one of the few female senior leaders at one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Nicky spoke about her first job at The Burton Group, gaining a CIMA qualification whilst pregnant, moving from finance to supply chain, balancing work with family and what she thinks of Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy Campaign.

    I absolutely loved speaking with Nicky. What surprised me the most (pleasantly) was how humble and grounded she still remains even though she is incredibly successful. It was so refreshing to hear about her modest beginnings and how she has triumphed without having any A Levels but with sheer hardwork and utter determination.

    Whilst interviewing Nicky it was evident that she deserves everything she has achieved because she has grafted tirelessly for years and took on challenges headstrong. One of the key messages was to never give up as that is not what Nicky will ever do! She also was upfront about the sacrifices that she had to make to give her children the best future. It is important that women are aware from very early on in their careers that you can’t really have it all with the perfect life and some areas in your life will have to give- at some point.

    I hope you enjoy this interview & as always please feel free to let me know your feedback!

    Vanessa Sanyauke, Founder, Girls Talk London



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