• How to clear out your wardrobe:
    April 7, 2016

    How to clear out your wardrobe (so you have room for your new season stuff)

    Adding to your ASOS wishlist every chance you get? Craning your neck when you pass shop windows? Working overtime on the Instagram like button?

    There’s nothing like a new season to make you feel like replacing your entire wardrobe.

    But to make way for the new you’ve got to clear out some of the old. The stuff you’ll never wear again – the ones that are too big, too small, too misshapen, the ones that you loved but no longer fit, or the ones you never loved but got in a sale for half-price.

    So where do you even start? We’ve got a six step plan to help you out.

    1. Make an evening of it

    There’s no quick way to clear out your wardrobe, so you may as well have fun while you’re doing it. Get a bottle of wine and your most honest friend – you’ll need someone to make you see sense when you’re thinking about keeping that never-worn poncho ‘just in case’.

    2. Throw everything on the floor

    Pull everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and put it on the floor. There’s nowhere to hide once it’s all in front of you, and you won’t be able to get distracted and give up half way through. It might also surprise you to see how much stuff you’ve actually got.

    3. Separate it into piles

    Go through everything, putting back what you’re keeping and organising the rest into charity, selling, recycling or repairing. Be honest with yourself when you say you’re going to repair or alter something – keep those pieces out and if you get sick of seeing them but still haven’t fixed them, let them go.

    4. Ask yourself have you worn it in the last year?

    It’s easy to look at your oversized vintage knit that itches a bit when you put it on and convince yourself you’ll love throwing it on as soon as winter rolls around. But did you wear it last year? If not, chances are you won’t this year either. Same cardigan, same reasons you put it on and then take it off before you actually leave the house.

    5. Ask yourself does it make you smile, or stress?

    Keep things that make you feel confident or happy or comfortable. Don’t keep anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or self conscious, or that you feel the need to ask ten people ‘does this look okay’? before you go out. Your wardrobe should be fun, not stressful.

     6. Get organised

    When you’ve finished clearing out, don’t just shove everything back in and let it fall back into chaos. Check out Pinterest for some clever storage ideas so you can see what you’ve got and your rediscovered favourites don’t get lost to the back of your wardrobe. Doesn’t it feel good?


    Image: cc courtesy of Glen Scott on Flickr

    By Natalie Littlewood



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