• December 2, 2015

    My Biggest Mistake: Lydia, Recruitment Consultant

    We bring you another great lesson learned in our My Biggest Mistake series and this month we are partnering with What Could I Be? who publish products for 12-15 year olds to bring you some stories from a variety of people who have made lots of mistakes in their careers and want to share their experiences.

    This week Lydia shares her story……


    Having received my first job offer from a recruitment company, the lure of flexible hours, plenty of pub visits and a sexy commission structure was too much for me to resist. I ignored my instincts on the security and validity of the company I was joining.The pay-off for all the flexible hours and pub visits was an expectation I’d hit targets straight away, and magically be a profitable employee.

    But until that point I had recruited nothing more than my brother to make me the occasional strawberry milkshake…

    Yes I failed miserably and was quickly shown the door.

    So one haircut, new suit and a few interviews later, I received a REAL job offer. This time the job was with a company who showed me the ropes, supported and guided me to become their trophy winning top biller within my first 3 months. My career was kick started and while I made lots of other mistakes along the way


    • Trust your instincts
    • Research your employer
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    You have to find and acquire knowledge and experience; it doesn’t appear with the job title!

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