• December 16, 2015

    My Biggest Mistake, Meka, Entrepreneur

    My Biggest Mistake was….

    that for a number of years I had identified one company I really wanted to work for. They did super interesting work, had a great reputation and appeared to be a perfect fit for my career plans. Unfortunately, for me and my big ambitions, there was one problem – they were based in the USA and I was living the UK. OK I should have let it go at that stage, but sometimes we all get a bit stuck on an idea and are reluctant to see other opportunities. So I decided to be bold and write to the organisation to see if they had any roles coming up in the future. To my delight a few months later I got an email which said they were coming to Europe and the UK and would like to talk to me. I did talk to them and bought into the whole idea of what they wanted to do and how I could be a part of it – does it get any better than this? Of course I took the role which was only part time, until they grew. I was happy to work from home, until they got an office space. I was happy to do other work to earn money and be patient because in my head it was only a matter of time until the organisation was up and running in the UK. But within a couple of months, I realised the opening up of offices in Europe was not going to happen in my lifetime. I was lost with no support, no guidance and even went to a meeting where my boss completely ignored me. Yes the writing was on the wall, but I decided to stick it out thinking it must get better! In fact I stayed for two years and finally resigned just as my partner was made redundant. Once I had made that decision there was no stopping me. It was great to get the adrenaline rush of having to make things happen and I started a business.

    What I learned was to..

     make peace with the whole experience. It is hard to process being disappointed with an organisation you really thought was the right place for you to be. It is also hard to accept that the people you had admired and respected do not share your values.But the big lesson for me was to trust my instincts and act on them. On this occasion I was just a bit slow to take any action.

    Meka, Entrepreneur

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