• July 6, 2016

    Seven pieces every girl boss needs in her wardrobe

    According to prowess.org.uk women make up 80% of new business owners and the number of women who have started their own business is now at 1.5 million. If you are one of these amazing girl bosses then standing out from the crowd and making a great first impression is key to winning new business and customers.

    Check out my top seven pieces that every girl boss needs to seal the deal!

    1. Statement watch

    shopping-2 (1)

    With so many different styles you are sure to find your ideal watch. Try a boyfriend strap for a bold executive look. The eyes are always drawn to a classy watch and with the deals at JB watches your sure to be right up there or at least on your way.

    JB Watches

    2. Sustainable shirt

    TM Lewin

    You can never beat the formal look of a tailored shirt. Neat, clean and smart sends the right message to your clients. Always check the material for comfort and for a fit that’s right.  A sharp collar is impressionable, TM Lewin are a favourite for this and have an array of colours.

    TM Lewin

    3. Killer Blazer

    20160630_131318 (1)
    Most blazers will generally do but if you can find a three quarter length with great lining you’ll be giving your business plan/outlook a great head start. ASOS have a great range of contemporary blazers with an edgy feel and Reiss will surprise you with an affordable range that’s of quality standard.



    4. Heels


    Although heels are not a favourite for all they carry weight in packing a punch in a pitch. The key is to intrigue the eye instantly and if you hate heels or just choose not to wear them I suggest packing a small bag with pumps and making a quick swap before you go in. Check out New look and ASOS for a wide and satisfying selection, oh and more sales. Yay.

    New Look 


    5. Structure Bag


    A true Girl Boss always has important paperwork to hand right? Ensure the bag you choose is worthy enough. Structure and size show a driven professional who isalways in control. Laura Ashley are indulging in sales worth taking a peak at.

    Laura Ashley

    6. Power suit

    It must never be overlooked how dramatic a suit can make you look and most importantly how it can make you feel. Own your confidence with a sheek but smart suit that will emulate the power behind the style.

    Marks and Spencer

    7. Hair


    Keep it neat, keep it simple and above all keep it current. An elaborate hair style can take the focus away from you and your talent.  Check out four styles that have been deemed boardroom appropriate.

    Elizabeth Thomas, 

    Fashion Writer, Girls Talk London

    Check out her styling service on http://www.threeroses.me/



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