• November 7, 2016

    Seven things I learnt at the last Girls Talk London Event of the year

    Girls Talk London held their final event of 2016 entitled “How to raise our game in 2017” 

    There were five very inspiring panelists who have all reached the top of their game in their respective industries who shared their stories and gave advice for progressing within your career.

    I would like to share the seven most useful tips I heard that I am certain will help you raise your game to make 2017 a truly successful year:
    1. Surround yourself with people on the same mission. This is key for sharing best practice and also for motivating you to keep on going in the face of adversity

    2. If you want to get noticed in your industry, you need to proactively put yourself and your craft out there as well as make the most out of opportunities. If there are no opportunities, we live in an era where we have the power to create them

    3. Spend time creating solutions rather than worrying. Irene Sanyauke said a statement that helps her during difficult times :

    “It’s better to be calm and collected not calm and demented”

    4.  Presenter, Ria Hebden reminded us to always be nice to people. You will probably end up working with them at some point in the future. Everyone from the cleaner to the CEO deserves kindness and respect.

    5. Own up to your mistakes. This shows that you can take responsibility and you are also accountable when things don’t go your way. Own up to move forward so you can raise your game!

    6. The art of saying no is important if you want to get to the next level in certain areas of your life. Maria Sururr let the audience know that contrary to popular belief saying No is not a selfish act. Remember, your time is previous too.

    7. Have a clear plan of what you want to achieve in 2017. Make sure you tap into the right networks and get the correct level of support in order to make your dreams become a reality.

    Amaka Uche 

    Girls Talk London Ambassador 

    Follow Amaka on Twitter here: @amakauche_ey

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