• September 19, 2016

    Three ways women can stop doubting themselves

    Why are you writing this article?”

    ‘The editor isn’t even going to like it”

    “No one will read it.”

    ‘You should just stop now because you are wasting your time.’ 

    These were some of the thoughts that ran through my mind recently when I started to write my first piece for Girls Talk London. I am pretty sure, I can’t be the only person whose negative inner voice creeps up on them whenever you face a new situation that puts you out of your comfort zone.

    According to leadership expert Erica Anderson “Women, I have come to believe after having thousands of conversations on this topic over the past 30 years, tend to be much more self-critical than men – and that really gets in their way when it comes to accomplishing all they’re capable of doing at work.”

    Reflecting on what Erica discovered, it made me think about how I have managed to silence the negative voice in my head and go for new challenges.

    What’s the worst that can happen?
    Ask yourself this question as soon as the nagging doubts start creeping in. Then write down the answers:

    The editor says no to your article and that it’s rubbish”

    “You don’t get an interview for the job”

    ” Someone laughs at your outfit”

    Now ask yourself this question :

    “Will this matter in 5 years time”.

    I bet the answer will most likely be no. So go for it!

    Will I regret not doing this?
    If you answered yes then you know you have to try.  I once completely embarrassed myself asking a really good looking bar man out in Belfast by seductively (or so I thought) sliding my phone number across the bar. He turned me down but I’m glad I asked and I didn’t regret it. The thought of wondering what would have happened is far worse than the rejection I faced-at least I have a mildly humorous story to tell my friends now!

    Remember every successful person started from the bottom

    Every successful person that we see in the media has started from the bottom. Look at Jennifer Lopez  for example who spent many years as a back-up dancer in multiple low budget music videos back in the 90’s and look at her now!

    Imagine if she thought to herself, ‘I shouldn’t do this because I’ll look silly’ would she have made the connections in the industry to get better jobs and eventually catch her big break? Absolutely not! She knew that she had to take every opportunity that came her way and to silence her inner doubt.  According to Forbes 2016, her earnings were $39.5 million dollars. You go J-Lo!

    So next time you tell yourself you shouldn’t do something ask yourself these questions, take a deep breath and go for it!



    Eileen Donaghey

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