• December 15, 2015

    We celebrate her: Thanyia Moore, Comedian

    Described as Moore by name and Moorish by nature, Thanyia Moore has always held a love for comedy, but despite a background in acting and dance, her confidence to tell jokes on stage, came much later in life. Her ‘matter of fact’ stage persona coupled with her lively smiling face andmanic work rate have propelled her into being one of London’s hardest working emerging comedians.

    2013 saw her take home the coveted, Best Female Newcomer Award, at the Black Comedy Awards in addition to being nominated for Best Comedian at the UE Awards (Urban Entertainment) in 2015. She has also travelled the globe, including taking part in The Bounce Comedy Tour in Holland, performing in Barcelona and taking a spot at the New York Comedy Club, to name but a few.

    What kind of woman are you?
    I am a strong minded, hard working woman who loves to love.

    Why do you do what you do for a living?
    Because a 9-5 simply does not suit me.

    thanyia at work

    How did you become a stand-up comedian?
    I took a stand up comedy course, which lasted three days, and then ran with it!

    Is it difficult being one of few black women in the UK comedy scene?
    No, not at all!  I don’t find it difficult. Whilst I see some prejudice from certain individuals, the scene is a lot more open to females. In fact, welcoming us!

    You are well known for your parodies, why and how did you decide to film these?
    I decided to do parodies to sell my show, Moore Laughter. The idea just came to me one day whilst watching the Lady Leshurr Queens Speech I thought it would be a great idea to parody it and sell my show instead of just taking the mick!

    What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a comedian?
    Anything is yours if you just work for it. Obviously, BE FUNNY TOO, that helps lol – but hard work always wins!

    You recently went to New York for work, tell us about this experience and how it happened?
    I think that was definitely a case of ‘who you know’. A comic who I have worked with on a few occasions was asked for a female fitting my description so he reached out to me. I sent over some clips, and hey presto! They loved me and hired me!

    Do you have any plans to work internationally?
    I have loads of plans to work internationally – I want to be known globally for being a great comedic presenter and host! But all in God’s time.

    How do you get clarity when challenges and stormy periods arise?
    I am very blessed to have a solid team around me. They can see when I need help, support, telling off or just a hug! A good team is so crucial!

    How did you gain the confidence to make your dreams a reality?
    The confidence has only come about recently! Before I was winging it and seeing what happened. Once I realised I was making a way, my confidence grew and I started to love the process more.

    Which person do you admire the most and why?
    As cheesy as this may sound – my Mum and my little sister are the two I admire most. Strong, caring and so loving. Supportive and always there for anyone, no matter what. I admire that they have all this time for strangers, loved ones and me and still manage to be flawless and on fleek!!

    What Kind of teenager were you?
    I was a terror! I was always the misfit – always wanting to do my own thing, my own way. Never following the rules. At school I was the class clown, my peers always looked to me to make a joke.

    What has been the lowest point in your career?
    Being that my career is still new, I don’t really have a ‘lowest point’ as I see them all as learning curves. BUT, it is hard, when your heart is heavy, to have to go on stage and make people laugh. That is a real challenge!

    thanyia highlights

    What has been the highlight of your career?
    Again, still new in my career but being recognised as a comedian by the award shows is a great feeling – New York, Barcelona and doing shows for Kojo and Kane Brown. But most of all, Moore Laughter – that’s my baby.

    What is your biggest regret?
    Starting my career so late…

    Can you complete this sentence ‘What I know is that…..

    by the time I am 40 I will no longer be grafting. I will be firmly in my career of choice, flourishing. I know this because I will not stop until this happens!

    Fire round questions: 

    Favourite book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
    Favourite Foundation: Mac studio fix!
    Favourite Lipstick: Pink Mac
    Favourite quote: “Carpe Diem”
    Last time you laughed: 30 mins ago – was playing with my niece.

    Keep up to date with Thanyia on the below handles:

    Twitter: @thanyiamoore
    Instagram: @thanyiamoore
    Facebook: Thanyia Moore
    Website: www.thanyiamoore.co.uk


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