• April 21, 2016

    What can we learn from Queen Elizabeth?

    Well she’s done it! Our Queen turns 90 today, and we want to take a look at the journey of a women who has lived through nine decades.

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    Her style

    Queen Elizabeth was not born to be Queen. Her uncle was the heir and she was due to grow up simply as the niece of the future King (equivalent to Princess Beatrice now). And as a less serious family member, she was deemed to be the fashionista of the royals. She was on the front cover of Time Magazine at just three years old! It was here when she started the trend of wearing the colour yellow, which is apparently still her favourite colour today.

    queen as young girl


    It’s often said that Elizabeth and her younger sister Margret had very similar personalities when growing up and probably had bigger status’ than Prince William and Harry today. They were extremely fashionable and were admired by girls around the world. On her first trip to Paris, a then Princess Elizabeth didn’t want to appear unfashionable in the fashion capital, and therefore teamed up with a designer to create a modern look for the trip. This look became the famous ‘Princess look’, and it still inspires Princess’ from all over the globe today. The Queen has always had a stunning style. She still dresses great at 90, especially wearing those stunning coats that would suit any age! She will always be a style icon to many women across the world, and we can’t help forget that it was her who started off the Hunter boots and Barbour jacket trend!

    Now as much as we would all love to see the Queen do a ‘What’s In My Bag?’ vlog, we can’t see that happening anytime soon, so we’ve decided to tell you instead! She once quoted that she never feels fully dressed without her handbag, so what’s inside it?

    –     A photo of Prince Andrew (her third child)

    –     A cut out crossword

    –     Mints

    –     A pen knife (calm down, its to open all her letters of course!)

    –     A fountain pen (she apparently hates biros)

    –     A camera (she recently converted to digital – how cute!)

    –     An S shaped hook (A what? She hooks it onto the table wherever she’s at, and hangs her handbag on it so she doesn’t have to bend down when she needs something!)

    queen umbrella

    (Photo Credit: Daily Mail/Getty Images)

    Other favourite accessories of the Queen include her infamous see-through Fulton umbrellas, which she has customised so that the handle and edging colour matches her outfit, fancy! She also loves her gloves. She shakes a lot of hands everyday so they keep her fresh whilst also looking glamorous! And let’s not forget her hats. The Queen loves her headwear because it helps her be seen and standout, the same reason she wears bright colours and bold patterns.

    Queen Elizabeth decided to stop dying hair her at 56, and went grey gracefully. But what’s interesting is that she has never changed her teenage hairstyle. She has rocked that 1940’s do right up until this day. Could we take inspiration from her by not being pressured into following new trends? Maybe we will still be rocking our bouncy blow-drys and french braids when we’re all grey and 90!

    Her fate

    In 1936, when the Queen was just ten, her uncle abdicated meaning her father became King. He was advised to try for a son as he only had two daughters, and the general consensus back then was that women don’t make as a good monarch as men do, but the King refused, as he said he saw something in his eldest daughter Elizabeth that would make a great Queen, and he was spot on! During World War II, an 18 year old Princess Lillybet (as they called her) became a truck mechanic. Not your typical job role for a royal woman in the 1940’s, but she stuck her teeth into it, and has loved driving ever since, she’s the only person in the UK that doesn’t need a driving license!

    At the age of 13, Elizabeth clamped eyes on an 18 year old naval officer, and although he had no idea what this young child was thinking, she was sold from then on. They began writing to each other when the Princess was around 18, and when it was revealed that Elizabeth was dating him, it was headlines of all the papers. He didn’t fit the bill. The public nor her own family agreed with it, and she was encouraged to end the relationship, but what did she do? She married him, Prince Phillip of Greece. It’s thought that the Prince may find it hard trying to be a dominant family figure (like men were in that era) to such an important woman, but it seems they have a great balance of responsibility, and they’re still going strong 68 years later. The pair went on to have two children, but their care-free family days were short lived.

    The couple were on a visit to Kenya, when they received the news that Elizabeth’s father had unexpectedly died. No one ever thought that this woman would leave England a Princess and yet return as the Queen. So all at the age of 25, Elizabeth was a newly wed, with two young children, grieving her father’s death, and now had to rule the Commonwealth.

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    (Photo Credit: www.everythingzoomer.com)

    We often hear that the Queen is a very hands-on, nurturing mother and wife, but she rarely shows this in public. Maybe because she grew up in an era where to be successful meant being a man. Is it possible that the Queen has suppressed her feminine qualities in order to appear more successful? It makes me ask the question, do all us ladies subconsciously do this? It’s though that the reason for her gap in child bearing was due to her new role as Queen, and that she must hold off having any more children as it would distract her from her job. Can women really have it all? If even the Queen, with all the facilities a person could dream of held off on a bigger family in order to succeed in her job? Well six years later she stood her ground and had another two children. A lot of old footage of Her Majesty has been released recently showing her as a truly caring family woman. Maybe we now realise that women can still be successful. We were put on this earth to do what men can’t do, and vice versa, so let’s embrace it.

    There’s a certain deal of controversy when it comes to how much work the Queen does, but its been said by many of her close friends and family that she is always the first one up in a morning, and the last one to go to bed. She reads the Government papers every morning and contacts Parliament about any changes needed to be made, then catches up on current affairs, then off out to do her appearances and openings, before returning home to more Government papers at night. Her true days off only include her main birthday, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. And still working full time at 90, she does work hard, but we can’t deny that she lives a completely fascinating lifestyle!

    Written by Jessica Grogan

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