• June 17, 2016

    10 must have items for Glastonbury

    Camping has never appealed to me. Ever. But last weekend I braved the great outdoors to go and see the likes of The Who at the Isle of Wight festival. It was a daunting prospect – one backpack, one weekend and zero home comforts. What do you take?!

    I did my research. I read ALL of the packing lists online and asked my regular ‘festival goers’ what was on their list and I think I actually cracked it! The weekend was as comfortable as it could have been, the pictures aren’t hidden on my timeline and I can say I would happily go again!

    So I thought I would pass on my wisdom so any Glasto first-timers can pack stress free and be rest assured they are going to have the time of their life!

    1. Fresh bed linen

    Okay so this might not be a ‘must have’ but putting fresh bed linen on before you head-off is the most sensible thing you’ll do all weekend. Think your bag is heavy before you leave? My word it is 10 times worse lugging it back. All you will want to do when you arrive home (post shower) is go to bed – you can thank me now girls!

    2. Wipes, wipes and wipes!

    It’s obvious but I can’t emphasise it enough. I’m talking baby wipes, make-up wipes, anti bac wipes – ALL of the wipes!

    3. Tangle Teaser

    No ordinary hairbrush will do. Tangle Teasers are a force of magic on their own, but at a festival they really will be your best friend. They are small enough to easily fit in your bag with no hassle and just so efficient.

    4. Glitter

    I have to confess…I committed a festival sin…I didn’t pack any glitter. As soon as I arrived I was instantly jealous of all the girls busting their moves with great glitter designs on their face. Lucky for me my friend had me covered and packed some spare, but don’t risk it. Get yourself stocked up!

    5. Dry shampoo

    Dry shampers is just as important as wipes. Showering under a cold tap wasn’t that appealing, especially when I had no appliances to tame my frizzy hair. But of course baptise had my back! A quick spray, a few grips and I was ready to continue the party.

    6. Sun cream

    Even if you have checked the weather several times and are insistent it’s going to rain make sure you still pack sun cream. Being outdoors all day is tiring on your skin. Isle of Wight was incredibly muggy, but even hidden behind clouds, the sun still had it’s wicked way with my skin. Travelling home I felt like I had been walking through high winds on a beach. Make sure you have at least factor 30 and apply regularly!

    7. Spray/Deodorant ALL THE SMELLY THINGS

    It’s a festival, it’s expected to be smelly. However after a few heavy nights sometimes you just want to feel refreshed. It’s been a while since I carried an Impulse spray in my bag, but it really did the trick. It might not have completely covered up the smell but I certainly felt better.

    8. Toilet roll

    When my friend suggested taking a toilet roll in my bag I thought she was mad. But she spoke wise words. The loos were definitely not a highlight of the weekend, but knowing I had toilet paper in my bag at all times did provide some comfort – it was a luxury!

    9. Hand sanitiser

    Need I say more? Don’t get caught out and carry this with you at all times. Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you can’t be hygienic.

    10. Shower gel (post festival)

    Again not really a ‘must have’ for the festival itself but showering when you get home is the BEST feeling. Don’t cut yourself short and have your favourite shower gel at the ready because this will be the best shower you will ever have!

    Well there you have it. I hope you now feel more prepared than ever and ready to have the time of your life!

    Katy Ashford, Beauty Editor

    Image Credit (blog.freepeople.com




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