• March 2, 2016

    4 lessons we can learn from Jenny Beavan

    If there’s one thing that we could learn from the awards season this year (aside from the need for equality in the film industry), it’s lessons in not giving a damn what other people think – and it’s courtesy of Costume Designer, Bafta and Oscar winner Jenny Beavan. We had a look at how she does it…

    Stay true to yourself

    The first time Jenny Beavan became a household name was as a winner at the Baftas when, as we all know now, Stephen Fry called her ‘a bag lady’. But when she went to the Oscars just weeks later, she didn’t change her look. She didn’t do a Cinderella and show the world that she could wear a ball gown and heels if she wanted to. Why? Because she doesn’t have to. Because that’s not who she is. Because, as she later said, “I just like feeling comfortable”. So she donned flat shoes, an emblazoned leather jacket to the Oscars. And won again. Ladies, there’s a lesson here.

    Keep it dignified

    Publicity stunts and PR tactics may be for some people, but for Jenny, what she does is purely her. And unlike most people in the spotlight, she didn’t indulge in the publicity surrounding Fry’s comments. She gave short, smart, dignified answers and left it at that, showing us that sometimes it’s the things you don’t do and the things you don’t say that can have the biggest impact.

    Smile at your enemies 

    Did you see the clip of Jenny walking down the stairs to collect her Oscar past her peers who were all suited and booted? Did you notice how she walked past them, turned around to see them, turn back, head held high, and smile? That right there is how you face your naysayers and your critics. Walk past them, head held high, on your way to success.

    Be the bigger person

    Through all of the Bafta talk and Oscar’s chat, Jenny hasn’t once stirred the controversy. If she’s read it, she hasn’t reacted; if she’s bothered, she hasn’t shown it. She’s been the bigger person in every aspect. So if we take anything from this year’s awards seasons, let it be this: don’t take any crap from anyone. Own it and be the bigger person.

    Stephanie Bolton



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