• August 18, 2016

    7 Fashionistas to follow on Instagram

    The Autumn/Winter season is nearly upon us, which for most of us means its time to update our wardrobe. Here are 7 women whose style can inspire your Winter Wardrobe:

    1. Aleali May (@alealimay)

    This young blogger has a great knack for using her entire body to sculpt and create shapes with clothing. Her style is urban fresh and very funky, whilst keeping colour in defined angles.


    2. Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala)

    A designer and blogger is Yoyo kalula. She has a reputation for being on the best dressed list during fashion week. Her style can be described as fashion forward, luxurious and extremely coveted.


    3. Nicola Warne (@garypeppergirl)

    Nicole brings an elegant and high class style to her daily wardrobe. Extremely feminine and almost sexy, her style is a favourite of mine which will grab your attention if your a stickler for detail.


    4. Frederique Harrel (@freddieharrel)

    Freddie Harrel is one of London’s top bloggers and has over 95,000 followers. Her style is personal, she makes you feel like a friend and her fashion sense is one you want to keep up with.  Fun, quirky, colourful and always vibrant.


    5. Peony Lim (@peonylim)

    Peony’s style plays more with accessories and layering. She also has a feminine flare which is delicate and womanly. Her outfits are decorative and detailed but with great beauty and structure.


    6. Rosie Fortescue (@rosiefortescue)

    This made in Chelsea star has a cute yet chic look. It’s the season for it and Rosie has a great collection from lace to sheer and so much more.


    7. Sarah Luxe (@saraluxe)

    Originally from Cumbria, Sarah has taken her fashion style to a bold and edgy place. Inspired by underground culture and music she has an eye for a unique look that’s pretty satisfying.


    Written by: Elizabeth Thomas http://www.threeroses.me/

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