• July 29, 2016

    Difficulties of friendship for the everyday nomad

    Travelling provides the opportunity to meet many amazing, interesting people from all around the world. When everyone is out of their comfort zones, friendships are forged on fast-forward and with an intensity that cannot be easily replicated back home. It’s easier to open up as there are no expectations of you, and it’s easy to find yourself […]

  • July 29, 2016

    Celebrating friendships built on fashion

    The first thing my friend Crystal said to me when we met was ‘I like your bag’. We were freshers at university, and I had spent two weeks pretending to like my housemates while despairing over who I would hang out with for the next three years. We were both out drinking with friends – a […]

  • July 28, 2016

    Events; Goddess Fest!

    Goddess Festival is the latest event from Sorority House UK and is a brand-new female-led one day music festival which takes place on Tuesday 9 August 2016 in the heart of East London, Shoreditch. The festival aims to bring a celebration of females in the creative industry to one of the most diverse streets in the city. […]

  • July 27, 2016

    Level 39 All Access Tour; Step into STEM

    Last Wednesday we took 18 girls enrolled in our Step Into STEM programme to Level 39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, cyber-security, retail and smart-city technology companies. We had the privilege of being shown around by Adizah Tejani, and had an informative and inspirational Q&A session with her afterwards. Our girls recounted their experiences: Esther: “With the […]

  • July 25, 2016

    Four looks to get your summer sizzling

    With the weather doing its very own summer dance, it’s about time we owned the stage and showed summer just how prepared we really are. Light showers here and there shouldn’t put you off; make the most of the summer sun with these four crucial looks that will combat any move Mr Sun tries to […]

  • July 6, 2016

    Seven pieces every girl boss needs in her wardrobe

    According to prowess.org.uk women make up 80% of new business owners and the number of women who have started their own business is now at 1.5 million. If you are one of these amazing girl bosses then standing out from the crowd and making a great first impression is key to winning new business and customers. […]

  • July 6, 2016

    How to act like a lady and sleep like a man

    There just never seems to be enough time in the day. And when we have a lot on in our work and personal lives, sleep is one of the first things to face the cut. Somewhat unhelpfully then, we’re often told that in order to be less stressed, we need to sleep more. However findings […]

  • July 4, 2016

    How to look after your skin this summer

    As we enter the month of July, we thought what better time to remind ourselves of how to protect our skin this summer. Although the sun connotes holidays, beaches and happiness, we also need to be mindful of the damaging consequences it can have on our skin. The sun radiates different types of ultraviolet radiation which […]