• August 11, 2016

    Cosmo’s Jennifer Savin shares her style

    Jennifer Savin is the Junior Writer at Cosmopolitan – a job many of us would covet – and she’s got the wardrobe to go with it. Here she shares her favourite pieces, the best places to shop, and a genius idea for wearing swimsuits…

    What does your typical day look like?

    It depends where we’re at with sending an issue to press. If I’m on deadline with a feature then I can spend the majority of my day writing with headphones in. Other days, there will be features meetings, photoshoots, interviews with case studies or celebrities (I recently interviewed Craig David and it was the single greatest half an hour of my life – what a guy), or working on our housing campaign, #CosmoHomeMade.

    How would you describe your style?

    Kat Slater going to a job interview? There’s usually a lot of gold, animal print and leather going on. I just messaged one of my friends to ask how she would describe my style and she replied, ‘Versatile. Classically feminine and glam but with a sassy, androgynous edge.’


    What do you usually wear to work? 

    I usually wear heels to work (unless I’m knackered, in which case it’s trainers all the way) with a dress or something high-waisted, and red lipstick.

    For nights, out my fail-safe outfit is usually a swimming costume (sounds weird, but they suck everything in and are waterproof, which is ideal as I’m forever spilling tequila on myself) and a high-waisted something or other.

    What are your favourite shops?

    I’m an eBay addict, especially when it comes to costume jewellery and massive gold earrings. I just got a pair of Indian chandelier ones for £4.

    For clothes, there’s a shop in Brixton called Risky which is great – I always take people there when they visit me – and the Barnardo’s charity shop in Brixton is great too.

    I tend to pick up bits and pieces from all over, but I love River Island and New Look for shoes, and Boohoo for co-ords and dresses.

    Do you have any fail-safe, favourite pieces you always reach for?

    There’s a pair of high-waist, brown, cropped trousers with thin gold stripes on them that I picked up in a Brooklyn thrift store for $6 that I’ll never get bored of. That said, I wore them to a fancy dress party last year when I was a pirate, so maybe they’re not the best shout for the office/real life?!

    I also have a black and pink floral kimono that I get a lot of compliments on. And other favourites include a beige duster coat and a fringed leather jacket, both from Primark. The Primark addiction is real.

    What do you wear for a big meeting or an important day?

    I’ll always dress smartly for events or big meetings as it makes me feel more in control and confident. I remember at university whenever I had an essay due but couldn’t get my head into it, I’d always change out of my pyjamas and into a shirt and pencil skirt – as it just flicks a switch in my brain to ‘work/go smash this’ mode.

    Is there a look you’d love to try, but haven’t yet?

    I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect tartan suit for about four years now. My mum is Scottish and her clan’s tartan is dark blue and green, so I really want one with those colours. There’s a new leopard print suit in Topshop that I’m eye-balling at the moment too. I’ve also been desperate for a pair of silver ankle boots for years, but just haven’t found the perfect pair yet.

    How has working at Cosmo influenced your style?

    As we work in such a creative environment, there’s no pressure to dress really corporately, which I love. There’s definitely a freedom to be adventurous with your style which is ace.

    Is the office as stylish as everyone might imagine, a la Devil Wears Prada?

    Everyone in our office dresses really well, but everybody is so different too – you can wear your personality. I’m in total awe of my editor’s dress sense, she always looks flawless, and our fashion director, Amy Bannerman – her style is always spot-on.


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