• March 19, 2024

    How BGTS 2023 helped Margaret secure a role at Amazon!

    We love to hear and share success stories from our Girls Talk and Hill App community. So, we wanted to introduce you to Margaret Karaba, an incoming Amazon account Representative Intern who starts in June 2024. Margaret secured her role after attending the 2023 Black Girls Tech Summit at the Amazon offices in London. 

    Meet Margaret 

    Margaret’s journey started with a leap into the food tech scene in Kenya. She had this idea to change the way we consume healthy food through technology and leveraging nutritious superfoods that are overlooked. In the process, Margaret quickly learned that running a business was more than just having a great idea. Two years in, she decided she needed to know the business side of things inside out, not just the tech.

    So, she moved to London to study business, which has been a game-changer for her career so far. 

    Margaret isn’t just learning the ropes of business but diving deep into data analytics. “It’s fascinating how data tells the story of a business, what’s working and what’s not, and how to improve. Every day, I improve at making sense of these numbers and am eager to apply this knowledge to the business world.

    I started with a passion for entrepreneurship and faced the hard truth that I needed more business knowledge. Now, I’m equipping myself with the business and data skills to make an impact. It’s been quite the ride.”

    Black woman in tech

    What are your biggest challenges as a Black woman in tech?

    Having access to opportunities and networking effectively is the biggest challenge for me. In the tech industry, networking can often feel like navigating an exclusive club where the rules aren’t exactly spelt out. It operates heavily on a ‘who you know’ basis, which can be challenging for someone like me. Breaking into these circles requires more than skill; it demands building connections in spaces where you might initially feel uncomfortable or represented. It’s a hurdle, but it’s also motivated me to find more inclusive networking opportunities like the Black Girls Tech events.

    Valuable lessons

    What did you learn from our event with Amazon last year?

    I learned to put myself out there unapologetically, to fearlessly pursue the opportunities I deem crucial to my career and life journey, and to be bold!

    What was your favourite thing about the event? 

    The panels were my favourite part of the event. One quote stood out to me: “Really use your differences to your advantage and learn how to do less and better.” 

    How did Girls Talk support you in securing a role at Amazon?

    At the BGTS Summit 2023, we had the opportunity to attend a career workshop led by Palantir, which transformed my approach to resumes and self-presentation through a recruiter’s lens. Additionally, Vanessa sent us a newsletter highlighting student roles available at Amazon. Both helped me spot the opportunity and prepare my applications with a well-informed and strategic mindset.

    Girls Talk and The Hill are dedicated to helping our valued partners like Amazon tap into and connect with diverse talent like Margaret.

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