• March 4, 2024

    How we helped BT hire three candidates

    Through our various mentorship programs, we’ve supported three incredible women on their career journeys and helped them secure a job with our valued partner, BT.

     Meet our alumnae

    Deborah Olatunji is a Cyber Delivery Manager at BT. After completing our six-month talent accelerator program and her Computer Science BSC, Deborah specialised in Cyber Security on a graduate scheme with our partners Vodafone before joining BT in August 2023.

     Monica Goyal also completed our six-month talent accelerator program before landing a graduate role with BT as a technology professional, working in the Cloud team and offering financial advice to teams wanting to optimise their expenditure within the cloud. Fast forward two and a half years, and Monica is now a Product Professional after being promoted five months ago.

     Jancy Karunakaran took part in our mentoring program with BT as she was paired with Marlon Wilson, Transformation, Change and Inclusive Manager & Chair of the BT Ethnic Diversity Network. Jancy secured a graduate data engineer position at BT three months after completing her mentorship.

     Our role

    We’ve been working with BT since 2016 to support them in hiring and connecting with diverse talent around the world. BT were keen to increase the number of female graduates in their schemes and wanted to create a talent pipeline for future roles. 

    The Hill App is designed to support our partners and community through every step of the hiring process. Whether it’s mentorship programs, helping our members with their CVs or hosting networking sessions, we facilitate two-way relationships that foster genuine connections and make the process easier for everyone.


     Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our alumnae had to say about their experience:

     “The scheme solidified my interest in tech and showed me that I could do it, thanks to the women who helped empower me. Having a mentor in tech helped boost my self-esteem, prepare me for interviews and coursework, and develop my CV. It was a very uplifting program for diversity, especially in the technology sector.”Deborah.

     “This program has been instrumental in guiding my career trajectory towards the tech industry. The masterclass and career day sessions provided invaluable insights into interview strategies and the recruitment process, steering me in the right direction. By assimilating these learnings and incorporating my mentor’s guidance, I’ve effectively showcased my skills and projected my authentic personality, ultimately propelling my career forward.”Jancy.

     “One of the main bonuses of the programme was having a mentor who worked for one of the big telecommunications firms. She helped me write and refine my CV, prepped me for interviews, and made me think about my goals and motivations. She was incredibly helpful in catapulting me into the start of my career. Particularly as I was in the sixth form and had to think about applying for job opportunities that would help me later.”Monica

    “I am so proud of the life-changing impact we at BT Group are contributing by collaborating with Vanessa and the team. The extraordinary mentorship programme helps women from various backgrounds and experiences develop many foundation skills and personal attributes they need to start – or pivot into – a career in technology. Whether seasoned tech superstars who have already studied degrees in computing or professionals who have discovered a passion for tech, it’s a privilege to meet the community and watch them grow in confidence and thrive, especially when they secure their first roles at BT and in other organisations.”

    Prof Kerensa Jennings FRSA

    BT Group Director, Data Platforms


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