• June 30, 2017

    I am Mogul Summer Business School: Nikki Thomas, Career Coach

    We have another speaker to feature who is leading a session at our very first ever I am Mogul Summer Business School for women on the 11th & 12th August in London! We have an action packed two day programme that will help women develop professionally and personally and become the Moguls that have been waiting to get fully unleashed.

    On the Saturday we have a special group life coaching session led by our in-house career & life coach Nikki Thomas.

    Nikki helps professionals to break free from career fatigue and realise their full potential. She has recently been featured by Virgin Group, the BBC and Huffington Post. She is also part of a programme with Oxford University on ‘Women Transforming Leadership’. Find out what she has planned for our students!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    Grew up in Essex and moved to London for University. I always believed if I did a job that made me happy I would be happy. So I have tried my hand at everything. I have been a wedding planner, a banker, a conference organiser….even organised conferences on a cruise ship and after a couple years of working in Hong Kong I moved back to England to manage client relationships in the professional services. When not working I am on the committee for UN London, I love hiking, travelling round the world and a glass of good wine.

    What makes you passionate about supporting women in particular with their career and life goals? 

    I have always wanted to help people realise their potential. We (as a gender) have come such a long way. Our ancestors couldn’t even vote yet we are the first generation really fighting to have it all! We have the technology now to work from home, to be there for our children yet also get on the board of a company or even own a business. We can get on a plane and be on the other side of the world in less than 24 hours. We really have control of everything in our lives but we still have moments of feeling unequal to our male counterparts. We think (mostly unconsciously) that we are the “fairer-sex” or that we have to look after everyone and do everything in our power to make everyone happy. We have moments of feeling like we are taking too much on and just need help……and I want to support these women. We need to start realising our strengths as a gender and start coming together to move forward. I believe each one of us are truly amazing. We just need to be there for each other and start empowering ourselves to take the lead in our lives.

    What are the benefits of having a coach to help you set goals and develop confidence? 

    Having a coach is a chance to have clarity in life. If you think about it no successful professional whether it be in sport or business gets by without their coach. A coach is someone who can ask the right questions to get you thinking about what you want. I work with people from all walks of life and what I see time and time again is that we all know the answers to what we want but a lot of the time we just need a little help finding clarity on it. I then help hold you accountable. I work with clients fortnightly and discuss what it is that is holding them back from the life they want. A lot of the time it is fear in some way. We then work through it and find the root cause. It’s amazing and it moves you forward – knowledge is power so once you really know what you want and what you want you become unstoppable!

    What makes a woman a MOGUL in your eyes? 

    Kindness, confidence and understanding.

    A true Mogul knows who she is. Is happy in her own skin and has a strong self-awareness. She helps others and does it for no other reason than because she wants to see others grow and prosper. She genuinely shows love to others and see’s the goodness in others. She is strong but sensitive to others. She challenges the status quo and knows that just because something wasn’t done before doesn’t mean it is impossible. Failure is a learning and never seen as a negative but a chance to try again but learn from it to potentially do things differently.

    What are some of the things that hold women back from achieving their goals? 

    Fear. That is pretty much the only thing is one capacity or another. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of not being smart enough. ‘We’ are scared of the unknown. Scared that someone will say “who does she think she is?!” but we need to recognise that fear. Realise that it is just a thought in our head, just an emotion. It is not who we truly are. We spend so much time overthinking about NOT getting that promotion. NOT being good enough but instead we need to start thinking…..WHEN I get that promotion…..I am ALREADY Good enough!

    What would be your top 3 tips for success in achieving your career and life goals? 

    Know what you want and realise that you are the owner of your destiny. Never think that you do not have control. You can have whatever you want to have in life – you just need to a) know what you what and b) figure out what you need to get it.

    It won’t always be easy but don’t give up. When I started my business I found it unbelievably hard. I worked harder than I ever had before and my confidence took a real knock. Then one day a friend said to me….”I don’t believe Richard Branson woke up one day deciding to be an entrepreneur and found it easy. The reason most people don’t get what they want is because they give up!” This has since became my mantra and I realised it is true. Even when people told Richard that he was dreaming big he ignored them and proved them wrong. He never gave up!

    Be humble. Be kind. In life and business I have seen friends and colleagues come and go. It could be an amazing promotion, moving industry, it could be marriage and kids or it could just be that your paths in life change. Either way, be kind and be humble. You never know when you will cross paths again. Try as much as you can not to burn bridges. I only really do it if I really have to but people talk and always be known as the one who shows kindness to others rather than the ‘difficult one’ in both work and life. You never know when it can come back to haunt you.

    What can we expect from your session at our summer business school this Aug? 

    Something life changing!! I ask that you keep an open mind and I always encourage you to interact. You will get out of the session what you put in!

    We will really figure out what you want from your life and career. Remember the world is your oyster and we really can create a life that we truly want. The session will get to the heart of what is holding you back from what you want and look into tools and tips to move you past these blocks. I don’t want to give too much away but you will leave the session with an action plan you can put in place immediately.

    To book your place on our summer business school click here. 

    Ps. we have lots of special offers such as group discounts and a pay now, pay later deal! 

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