• 2023 Technology Graduate Scheme

    Our partner, VMO2 has opened applications for the 2023 Technology Graduate Scheme starting this September and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. The application process is pretty straightforward after which you would have to do a Situational Judgement Test, Video Interview and Assessment Centre.

    The application process is pretty straightforward after which you would have to do a Situational Judgement Test, Video Interview and Assessment Centre.

    Here are some things to note before you kick off your application; 
    1. Please let me know if and when you apply so we can work on a follow-up.

    2. When asked how you got to know of the role please click others and type in “Step Up – VMO2 Sponsored Programme” if you were a part of the Step Up programme, if not please type Girls Talk Corporation. This would help assist us in tracking your application.

    Tips for your video interviews based on the job description:
    1. Make sure you showcase your curiosity (i.e mention your participation in Step UP which is sponsored by VMO2 or any other programme, training or self-development activity you’ve undertaken.)

    2. Great attention to detail: give examples of any projects or part-time work where you demonstrated the required skills.

    3. Confident enough to share their thoughts and challenge our ways of working – Have you given a presentation in any part-time jobs or internships have you spoken up in any meetings, give examples and share what the experience was like.

    4. Passion for technology – Again reference Step UP or any exciting projects and sell what makes you passionate about Tech

    5. Co-creator – Speak about group projects you have worked on if any and what have been your successes?

    6. Entrepreneur & Innovator – Have you set up something or created a solution? It does not have to be a business, what you’re to express here is your innovative and problem-solving skills.

    7. Collaborator who can come up with ideas that inspire and influence senior figures – Can you work with, inspire and influence the decisions of senior figures? The best way to show this is to express that you are informed and confident enough to make valuable contributions to the team.

    8. Inspirational leadership with outstanding communication, organisational and analytical skills – You want to also express where you have led a team or handled responsibilities successfully using your communication, organisational and analytical skills.

    Try to use these keywords and demonstrate in your application how you meet all of these.

    You can apply here. 

    If you need any further help or assistance please feel free to reach out to me here or send me an email at Demola@girlstalkcorporation.com