• Girls, Let’s Talk SELF:I:E: THINGS WE SAY ABOUT OURSELVES: 7 Week Online Series

    Wed 19 Aug 2020 @ 18:00 - 19:30


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    Girls, Let’s Talk SELF:I:E. Join us for our final week of our seven week series for your self development.

    About this Event

    SELF:I:E Principles

    These principles are intended to give young women a practical method to continually strive towards the best version of themselves. Everyday she applies her makeup, she also applies these principles

    Lips – Week 7

    This represents THE THINGS YOU SAY ABOUT YOUR SELF and emphasis the power of the words and the affirmations said over their lives.

    Speaker: Hayley Mulenda, Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Author and Change Agent

    About Hayley:

    Hayley Mulenda is a Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Author and Change Agent who has spoken to thousands of people across the world sharing her story on how she turned her pain to purpose. Hayley has been invited to run sessions at some of the world leading firms and greatest conferences across Europe, USA and Africa touching on wellbeing, resilience, vulnerability and personal development. After nearly taking her own life at the age of 18, Hayley realised how mental health issues are increasingly affecting millennials and she was passionate to do something about it.

    At age 18, Hayley published her Award-Winning Book “The ABCs To Student Success” giving tips and strategies on how to sustain a healthy mental wellbeing after facing different trials and tribulations. Hayley works with FTSE 100 and Fortune 50 clients consulting their senior leaders and senior management to help implement change and strategy. She has been able to work with Government officials as well as The Commonwealth Secretariat to give her unique insight towards the topic of well-being.

    Hayley has been flown out to Redmond to speak at Microsoft HQ working with their senior leaders as well as speaking with the CEO & senior leaders of Unilever. Her clientele also includes JP Morgan, Teach First and The Cabinet Office.

    Her story has been described as mesmerising, impactful and life-changing.

    Maya Angelou said it best, you may not always remember what they say but with Hayley’s talks, you will always remember how she made you feel.. Hayley will leave you feeling inspired.