• How to show up in the workplace.

    Thu 6 Jul 2023 @ 18.30 - 21.00

    Visa Europe, 1 Sheldon Square, London W2 6TT

    We are back in London with our first community meet-up in six years next month!

    We are excited to partner with Visa to bring our community of women together for an evening of empowering conversations, debates and networking with our phenomenal speakers.

    We are committed to ensuring that women are able to secure opportunities and smash their career goals. However, studies have shown that women may face challenges in expressing their authentic selves at work.

    According to a survey conducted by KPMG 75% of women reported that they have compromised their authenticity at some point in their careers.

    Further research conducted by Catalyst found that women, more than men, feel the need to conform to workplace norms to be successful.

    We are on a mission to change this with our event where we will give women the tools, tips and methods to show up in the workplace as themselves and to be authentic in their interactions and work.

    Here’s what to expect:

    ✨ Real talk fireside chats with Visa Senior Leaders and a panel of women from all walks of life
    ✨A chance to build genuine connections with the Girls Talk Community.
    ✨ The Visa Talent Acquisition team will be hosting a CV review clinic at the end of the event to give our community tips to make sure they nail their next application.
    ✨Leaders at Visa will also be in attendance with some having live opportunities available for experienced hires.
    ✨Food, drinks and pure vibes!

    Our panel are:

    Ishtia May National Radio Producer, Founder of Breaking Down Doors
    Maya Welford Behavioural Finance Specialist, Barclays & Podcast Host, That’s My Name
    Stacy Gacheru Counsellor & CEO and Founder of Renewed Today
    Viya N. Founder and Director, VMN Communications

    Spaces are limited so RSVP here now.