• Senior Data Analyst – BT Group

    Our corporate partner; BT is hiring for the role of Senior Data Analyst.

    This role will suit you if you have the following skills:
    Soft skills:

    -The ability to meet the customers’ needs in line with the business requirements is an advantage

    -Focusing on the objectives and the required outcomes of the processes while delivering a service

    -Working with a cooperative and positive attitude in a group setting to achieve common goals

    Professional skills:

    -2+ years’ experience of solving business problems using data analysis

    -Knowledge and experience of computer languages used in data analysis such as Python, R

    -Knowledge and experience of tools used in data analysis such as databases (Oracle, BigQuery) and visualisation tools (such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI)

    Language skills:

    -English on a fluent level

    Please click here for more information about the role and how to apply.

    As always let us know if you need any support or have applied by emailing demola@girlstalklondon.com our Senior Talent & Community Manager here at GTL.