• June 22, 2023

    Our impact: Louise Ward

    Girls Talk exists to support women all over the world in their careers. We’re all about elevation, from discovering and securing new roles to earning more and upskilling. So, we’re beyond proud to share the experience of Louise Ward, who landed a new job and successfully negotiated a higher salary after completing The Climb.

    The Climb is our carefully curated program to offer women the tools, support, and confidence to work up the corporate ladder.

    Meet Louise

    Louise has a degree in Interior Design. However, Louise couldn’t secure a job in this field after graduation, so she fell into a role within Higher Education. Since then, Louise has worked at several universities in learning and teaching at an operational level, ensuring the department activities meet KPIs in supporting students and staff.

    Workplace challenges

    What are your biggest challenges as a woman in the workplace?

    As a Black woman, I navigated organisations with one or no Black women at senior levels. I am proactive in personal and professional development, but early on, I realised when reviewing my next step that I was only reviewing posts similar to my role. On reflection, moving to a senior position looked lonely; the Black community expected massive changes, but knowing the organisational barriers were even more prominent.

    The power of Girls Talk

    What does being a part of the Girls Talk Corporation community mean to you?

    I spend much of my time around people working in the Education sector. So, it’s been good for me to network and talk to women with various jobs and experiences.

    What is your favourite thing about Girls Talk?

    The webinars and The Climb, the session with Davinia Tomlinson about money management, initiated my
    interest in being part of the Girls Talk community.

    Our impact

    How has Girls Talk impacted your career so far?

    The Climb provided sessions to break down my current and future career paths. It enabled me to bring my experience and successes when constructing job application forms and my CV. It empowered me to embed and acknowledge my self-worth, especially in negotiating my salary.

    What would you like to see from Girls Talk in 2023? How can Girls Talk and our partners support you in your career?

    Continue with more practical skills development and scenarios, especially for those in senior posts. To
    allow time for self-reflection on how to react to challenging situations.

    What was the value of engaging with us?

    I persisted in applying for senior posts and secured a Head of Operations role at an institution specialising in the Arts. I also had the confidence to negotiate a higher salary than the one offered.

    It’s such a pleasure for the team to see the impact of our work. Thanks to the support of our partners, we can directly support women worldwide in their careers, helping them to climb the corporate ladder and level the playing field. Ready to tap into our talented community? Get in touch to enquire how you can work with Girls Talk.

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