• January 17, 2018

    What did Naomi Oni teach us about friends, jealously and envy?

    For the past couple of weeks I and many other people in the UK, have been  shocked by the national exposure; the BBC Three documentary: Acid Attack: My Story that tells the first hand experience of Naomi Oni, 25 who was brutally attacked with acid that caused lifelong damage to her face by her friend Mary Konye on 30th December 2012

    I am incredibly inspired by the bravery of Naomi Oni who shared in detail her experiences in the BBC Three Documentary,where she spoke about her troubled friendship with her attacker Mary Konye, the night she was attacked, her recovery and what she has had to endure to repair the damage this experience has caused to her and family .

    What I learned from watching this documentary was a cautionary tale about friendship and how important it is to be extremely careful of who you refer to as your ‘friend’.

    I remember when I was as young as 10 years old, my Mum always told me to be careful of who I choose as friends and to not trust anyone or tell any of my friends my business and secrets. Throughout my childhood, of course I didn’t listen to my Mum’s advice and told all my business, shared my secrets and got betrayed by so many friends!

    Watching Naomi’s story, I truly felt that I was extremely lucky that none of these betrayal’s had a devastating impact on my life and I was able to move on  and learn from these lessons.

    Whilst I was watching this documentary, there were many times my jaw almost touched the floor as Naomi recounted her friendship with Mary and how after she attacked Naomi with acid, Mary texted her the following day writing “OMG, I can’t believe it!” and then even came to her birthday party before she was charged with the attack!

    Your own enemies can be one your best friends-what this taught me was to be even more cautious about who I invite into my personal and intimate space. Especially with the massive consumption of social media, people can become even more enraged with jealously and envy based on what they deem to be a successful life and become resentful if they are not happy with their lives. Of course this does not apply to everyone and I am not suggesting that you do not make any new friends or suddenly cut people out of your life but there are always signs about certain individuals that we sometimes choose to ignore and dismiss, and I am going to make a conscious effort to listen to my gut and pay attention to these signs. I hope you do too.


    What I hope for our  generation is that we learn to have more compassion for one another, let things go, be forgiving, understand the consequences of actions, focus on your own life and try to bring positivity and love into the world.

    We thank Naomi Oni for her bravery and courage in sharing her story: She has an amazing and bright future ahead of her.


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