• August 13, 2015

    5 minutes with The Face of Africa Fashion Week, Maggie Smith

    We caught up with the beautiful Maggie Smith at Africa Fashion Week London to find out how she keeps her skin looking so radiant and what she recommends as her top beauty buys.


    So Maggie,  how did you become the face of Africa Fashion Week London?

    I’ve been following the show for the last few years and at the end of last year they started advertising a competition to be the face of AFWL (Africa Fashion Week London). You needed to create a profile and receive one vote a day. Once I created my profile I shared it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I was even featured in my local newspaper! At the time I worked in a doctor’s surgery in Glasgow, I put posters up everywhere asking everyone to vote for me, so you can imagine the amount of people I managed to get the word out to. It was a combination of friends, family and people who I didn’t even know who were voting for me. The whole experience has been amazing.

    Your skin is flawless, what’s your daily skin regime?

    I’ve got a really shiny face and my skin can get dry very quickly. This means it’s really important for me to moisturise using a Nivea lotion everyday to stop my skin from getting sensitive. I also use a tinted moisturiser followed by a bronzer to give my skin a natural glow.

    What’s in your make-up bag at the moment? Is there anything you can’t live without?


    Yes, I cannot live without my Illamasque eyebow pomade tub, that is my must have! My Clinique foundation because it is a concealer as well as a foundation, so it saves on time and leaves my skin looking great. I also love my Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara,it gives me the best lashes ever.

     Do you have any hair tips for our readers?


    For my type of hair, obviously it’s Afro-Caribbean, as much as I’d love it to be like your hair so smooth and silky and just perfectly set (thanks Maggie!) mine just doesn’t work out like that, so I need to use a lot of oils in my hair. At the moment I use the Lee Stafford range. My hair can get really dry so I apply a serum throughout the day to give it that healthy shine. I also need to use heat defence spray when I’m blow drying and straightening my hair, otherwise I will have no hair left! I also love V05 strong hold hairspray, it feels really natural in your hair and lasts a long time.

    Finally, what is your signature scent at the moment?


    The perfume I use is called Perles de Lalique. You can buy it online. Besides that I use a Victoria’s Secret body spray, it’s amazing. The scent lasts a long time and it’s great to keep in your bag to freshen up throughout the day.

    Katy Ashford

    You can follow Maggie on Instagram @MAGGIEXSMITH and on Twitter @MaggsSmithX


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