• June 3, 2017

    Are side chicks winning in 2017?

    Besides the talk of men wearing rompers-side chicks have become the main topic of discussion amongst women worldwide. We see it on reality shows, and read about it in the media constantly. It seems that gone are the days when men did their dirt, but kept it on the low. We seem to be living in an era where faithful relationships are not honoured and it is becoming more common for women to openly admit and not be ashamed of being a side chick to a man-especially if that man is famous or extremely wealthy!

    Lets look at Instagram model Bernice Burgos, the alleged side chick linked to the soon to be ex-husband of Tiny Harris, the rapper T.I. She was accused of taunting Tiny on snapchat about her relationship with her husband. Tiny finally addressed Bernice by commenting on Instagram:

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    “Funny… Bernice that man you speaking of was laid up with his wife last night, so quit being petty cause clearly you getting lied to if you thinking anything different. Hope you didn’t take him serious,”

    What I don’t understand is, how can you be winning by having someone else’s man, because technically he’s not yours?

    Lets come to an understanding of what a side chick is.

    The term side chick is just a modern term for being a mistress. Meaning she’s just his chick on the side and she’s supposed to stay a secret. A side chick is not a wife or girlfriend, but a woman who has relations with someone else’s man. The purpose of a man having a side chick is for his wife or girlfriend to not know about it. So if she was to find out, he wouldn’t be happy about that. Game over!

    Winning is a proud victory you earn, so being a side chick is not a victory it is a loss! Side chicks are known as kept secrets. That means that man probably doesn’t want his friends, family or the community to know who she is. She is a kept secret until she gets tired of it and exposes the relationship or until the wife or girlfriend finds out. Society doesn’t care about a side chick’s reasons for why she allowed herself to be in that position.

    Truthfully in my opinion the men are much more responsible, but the side chicks get the shame and blame. Bad girls club reality star Camilla Pondexter got herself in a conflicted situation with married Raiders lineman, Donald Penn. The affair led to her giving birth to a baby girl last year. The wife of Dominique Penn filed for divorce in November 2016, but the couple seem to be working on saving their marriage despite the infidelity and side-baby. This is a common thing side chicks need to come to terms with- the men normally stay with their wife or girlfriend, which leaves the side chick high and dry and in this case a single mother unfortunately.

    Numerous studies have shown that only 20% of cheating married men end up leaving their wives for the other woman, and when they do, the relationship with the other woman typically doesn’t last!

    Once a person involves themselves in someone else’s relationship, it is hard to have sympathy for them. There are so many single amazing men ready to love. You may have to look under a few rocks, and inside a few caves but they’re out there.

    So there is no excuse to get involved with someone else’s man. Once you are a known side chick, it is hard to recover. She could have as many degrees from a prestigious university, and still be labeled as the side chick forever.

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    Mia Burks the alleged woman who is the cause of Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala Anthony recent split was labeled a stripper. However it turns out she has two masters’ degrees from Northwestern University. Being associated as a side chick comes with the label home wrecker and mistress and in this case a stripper! Being judged and looked down upon is something side chicks constantly have to deal with, even after moving past the situation. I’m sure Monica Lewinsky can testify to that!

    This doesn’t seem like a situation, I would consider winning. The public embarrassment, shame, and bad reputation are not worth a fling with a taken man.

    What do you think? Is this the era where the side chick reins supreme? Leave your comments below

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