• July 31, 2016

    Are you #nomakeup or #teammakeup?

    As I’m sure you saw, last month Alicia Keys declared her #nomakeup movement. She’s vowed to stop covering up with makeup in a bid to grow in confidence and feel empowered. In an open letter to Lennyletter.com, Alicia noted that she was tired of the ‘constant judgement of women’ in an attempt to look perfect. She also described the struggles and pressures women go through to look a certain (often unrealistic) way. As we live in a picture perfect, insta-famous society, where sex sells, I agree with Alicia. If you don’t look perfect, glossy and photoshopped like we see in magazines and billboards, chances are you’re not likely to be taken seriously. By no means is the #nomakeup movement new. Other celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Eva Longoria have previously posted selfie’s of themselves without make up on and have received praise. However I do believe that it is empowering for women to see other women who are confident in their own skin, without the war paint!


    Ladies, did you know in certain parts of the world, wearing makeup doesn’t even make you beautiful? In some tribes, women adorn themselves instead with different tattoos, piercings or hairstyles to make themselves attractive to their fellow tribesmen – interesting stuff right? It is really important to remember that beauty is only skin deep and is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Therefore I am a big believer in women and young girls conjuring up higher self-esteem and learning to feel confident in the skin they are in from the inside out.

    From time to time, like most women I ‘doll myself up’ and wear my favourite make up brands. Does this make me insecure and underpowered?- certainly not! The same way that lots of women, including Ms Keys, feel empowered without makeup, there are lots of other women who feel at their best and most powerful with makeup on! Does this mean either of the women are wrong? Of course not! At Girls Talk London, we believe that everyone has been given freedom of choice. At that is what the #nomakeup movement is; freedom to choose whether or not to wear makeup. I don’t think there should be a correct answer as every single woman on the planet is different. We do believe that women should make a decision based on what makes them feel most empowered, confident and strong! Alicia has made her choice, what is yours….? Share in the comments below if you are #nomakeup or #teammakeup.


    Written by: Amaka-Charlene Uche

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