• June 13, 2016

    Beauty Box Breakdown

    It’s time for May’s BirchBox review and we have some treats in store for you to try!

    May’s box was created for all us ‘Dreamers out there’. The lid was wrapped in a grey scratch coating giving receivers the chance to revel their own box design as well as having the chance to win a holiday!


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     1. Spectrum Collections– Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge RRP £4.99*

    I have always wanted try a ‘beauty blender’ but had never taken the risk of buying one. So when spectrum included their ‘ Wonder Sponge’ I was so excited to try it. BirchBox suggest to “dampen the sponge and then use the rounded end to apply your chosen product using a tapping motion to distribute evenly and switch to the pointed tip for the eye and around the nose”.

    I took this advice on board and drizzled a little cold water onto my sponge. I found that this helped to make my liquid foundation slide onto my skin, giving me a light and healthy look. I also found that my foundation looked quite sheer, therefore if you are after a heavier courage you should use apply a second coating!

    Overall I think this beauty blender is an affordable addition to your make-up collections as it makes a nice alternative to using a brush everyday.

    Personal rating of this product: 4/ 5!

    unicorn sponge

    2. The Balm Cosmetics – Stainiac in Beauty Queen RRP £10*

    When I first saw this product the packaging intrigued me as it looked like a vial of fake blood from a kids Halloween make-up set! However, what it actually turned out to be was a two-in-one multi-tasker for lips and cheeks. BirchBox say “This raspberry-tinted stain can add a long lasting flush of colour to cheeks AND a pink tint to your lips too!”

    When you first remove the red liquid from the applicator it is of a gel like consistency. This made it a little easier to blend on to the apples of my cheeks and blended nicely with my foundation.

    Although I did find that this product separated on my lips and after a while looked a little patchy. It also dried my lips out and found I needed to wear a lip balm on top.

    Personal rating of this product: 3/ 5!


    3. Philip Kingsley – PK Prep Polishing Balm RRP £18.50*

    I love it when BirchBox include a new hair product as I don’t spend as much time on my hair as I should! Products that you can apply before a blow dry are always my best friend as I find my hair can go a little crazy and flyaways always appear.

    BirchBox tell us “forget flyaways, frazzled hair and even dry ends, this balm-to-serum formula leaves every hair type feeling smooth and conditioned and looking sleek and glossy!” It totally does! I try to avoid using heat on my hair when I can, but if I’m in a rush and need my hair to look sleek, I will forever use this product.

    When you first apply the balm to your hair, it doesn’t really make a difference, although 10 minutes later you can say byebye to frizzy, fluffy hair.

    Personal rating of this product: 3.5/ 5!

    PK Prep

    4. Vasanti – Brighten up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator RRP £26*

    This product uses enzymes to try and naturally lift the skin’s complexion. I have used a few cleansing products like this before and from my previous experiences I have never had any major outcomes and wouldn’t rate them amazingly. However I tried this product with an open mind.

    BirchBox says” It’s packed with micro-crystals to slough away dirt, while aloe vera and coconut deliver a boost of hydration.”

    I have used this product three to four times after removing my make-up. Although it left my skin feeling fresh and clean, it wasn’t that effective at removing mascara.

    Personal rating of this product: 3/5!


    5. Puriskin – Resurfacing Cream RRP £13.99*

    The small sample pot of this hydrating face cream is sleek and simple and does what it says on the tin. BirchBox tells us “This really is a does-it-all product – whether you’re battling super- dry skin, blemishes, or scarring, this calming cream will soothe and improve your complexion.”

    I have used this cream daily after removing my make-up at night and I love how smooth my skin feels. It doesn’t make your skin feel tight or irritable, just gives it a little TLC.

    Personal rating of this product: 4/5!


    6. Vita Coco– Coconut Oil RRP £9.99*

    Coconut oil has become apart of a health trend over the last couple of years and everyone talks about the benefits. I have never tried it but have always wanted to, so I was happy to see a little sample included in May’s box. BirchBox tell us “ this 100% raw blend is a beauty must have for all skin types. It’s naturally packed with good-for-you fatty acids, making it a nourishing treat for skin, hair, body and beyond!”

    I initially wanted to use the oil to remove my eye make-up after a long day but after some research I discovered that you could cook with it. So naturally I thought this was a great opportunity to see what the fuss was about – and I have to say it was amazing! As soon as you apply the balm into a hot pan, it transforms into a oil that feels the air with a coconut scent.

    But as BirchBox suggests you can use this for beauty as well so, this is a great product to keep in the house!

    Personal rating of this product: 4.5/5!


    May’s box wasn’t a disappointment as it included a range of great goodies! If I were to recommend two for you to go and get it would it be the beauty belnder from Spectrum Collections and the coconut oil!

    Written and Photography taken by Holly Palmer.



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