• September 3, 2015

    Why you should rebuff the rebound

    When Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton broke up, no-one could have guessed what was to happen next. Mere weeks later, magazines and websites were reporting that both were in new relationships; Hamilton with Rhianna and Scherzinger with Ed Sheeran. But despite the seemingly surprisingly coupling of the latter, the speed at which it happened has highlighted, once […]

  • September 2, 2015

    Brand to watch: Moixa Clothing

    Moixa is a London based luxury brand that brings together design innovations expressing new ideas about appearance, construction and wearability. Pronounced Moy-sha, Catalan for female cat, the textile led designs reflect modern, ultra-feminine styles for women who are individual and confident. The collections combine complex textile and fashion techniques with each garment hand-made and distinctively […]

  • September 2, 2015

    Using fear to make you brilliant

    Fear is one of those things that we need, it’s built into us for a very good reason and we can feel safe knowing that it will alert us to dangers; but what about when we react to danger when there is none? When danger is just a figment of our imaginations but our fear pops […]

  • August 25, 2015

    We Celebrate Her: Cat Turner & Bridey Lipscombe, Founders of Cult LDN

    Bridey Lipscombe and Cat Turner founded and currently run, London-based digital communications agency, Cult LDN.The three-year-old agency has won prestigious awards, including a CLIO Grand Prix Award for the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet Shop in 2014. Cult LDN has also been a finalist for agency of the year and won various awards for multiple international […]

  • August 25, 2015

    Beauty Haul: Denise Campbell

    Last week I hit the shops to stock up on some of my beauty essentials and here I give you the details on my recent beauty haul here: Bobbi Brown’s BBU Palette | Size 6.33”L x 0.8”W x 3.84”B I had to see what all the hype was about for Bobbi Brown’s BBU palette that’s […]

  • August 25, 2015

    How professional is your social media profile?

    Social media is an unavoidable part of our lives and even the most hard-working and focused woman will admit to having had a longer-than-planned check of Facebook at one time or another. We all the know those certain people we have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as well. There’s always a serial selfie-taker, an overtly […]

  • August 20, 2015

    London’s best brunches

    Ahh brunch. Before Carrie and co came along it was just a fry up cooked by your Mum just before noon which meant you’d all be happy – she’d only have to cook two meals that day instead of three and it happened so rarely that you found it a novelty. But then four girls […]

  • August 18, 2015

    Keep calm and plan your wedding part 1: How to enjoy your engagement

    If you’re reading this and you’re engaged, then congratulations! If you’re reading for a friend, then they are super lucky to have you. If you just fancied a read then I hope you enjoy it (and maybe even remember these tips for yourself or a friend in the future). Throughout the next couple of months […]