• October 8, 2017

    Five mins with Lori Bee MUA

    With only six weeks to go until our make-up and skincare masterclass with Smashbox Cosmetics, we grab make-up artist and skincare expert Lori Bee for a quick chinwag to get the scoop on what we can expect from her skincare class and demo & she gives us some great skincare tips for this winter! We only have TWO Early bird Tickets left so grab yours now before they go here 

    1.What can we expect from your masterclass? 

    Skin health tips and tricks to help you to stay beautiful – naturally – with and withoutmake up;

    2. Why do you think it is important for women to attend your session?

    I think that attendees will truly benefit from the session as there are so many skin issues that us women are dealing with, that it can be a little overwhelming!

    With clear and straightforward advice and guidance about our diet, lifestyle and beauty habits, we can all have much better skin, without relying on a full face of make up, or taking desperate and invasive measures!

    3. What are the three skincare products that you cannot live without? 

    I absolutely love the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum by Jurlique – perfect for delaying the signs of aging and even reduces any fine lines that may have crept up on me!


    I also love good old Johnson’s baby lotion! This is a classic beauty staple, which is now paraben free and great for when I need a bit more moisture in colder weather, but without the clogging effect of a thicker face cream!


    I love good old raw coconut oil, which works well both on my face and scalp! I particularly like to moisturise my brows with oil, as lotions can be a bit too thick in brow hairs which can, sometimes make them clump together.

    4. Do you travel with any skincare products and if so which ones are always in your handbag? 
    Yes, I have a travel sized bottle of the Serum by Jurlique, and also often carry an EOS natural lip balm around with me; although I’ve recently misplaced the new one I had, so definitely have to get a replacement in this colder weather!
    5. It has been said that the foods you eat can have an affect on your skin, what three foods should we make sure we include in our daily diet for that glow? 

    This is totally true!

    I know everyone tends to say drink loads of water, but you can also hydrate skin by including water rich foods such as cucumber, melon and even cauliflower, to get more water inside of the body, and plump up the skin;


    Oily fish is rich in essential fatty acids, so helps to give us a smooth and glowy complexion;


    Nuts and seeds are also great for our skin, as they are rich in protein, which is great for repairing anything in the body, such as damaged skin cells, but also helps to eliminate hidden/ trapped waste in the colon and excretory system; preventing a sluggish gut and promoting a healthy glow from the inside out!

    You can ask Lori all your burning skincare questions and watch her live demo on how to curate a beneficial skincare routine for you at our make-up and skincare masterclass hosted by Smashbox Cosmetics. Tickets start at only £18 and gets your by clicking here

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