• November 16, 2017

    Five reasons why you need to be at the I am Mogul Pop up Festival

    We are excited as we officially have FIVE days until Girls Talk London and your favourite brands bring to you our very first ‘I AM MOGUL POP UP FESTIVAL’ a series of events to make sure you SLAY at work and in your personal lives.

    In collaboration with our partners  Estee Lauder, Smashbox Cosmetics, Lucy Choi London, Huckletree West, Nzinga Effect, Thomson Reuters & Vine Creatives we will be hosting four events during 21th-24th November 2017! 

    We have exclusive VIP discounts, masterclasses, networking and lots of fun girl chat with some of London’s most influential and inspiring people who will be helping you werk your inner Mogul.

    We want to help you shape the life that you desire and deserve and all our events will help you figure out your next steps as you enter 2018, like a BOSS!

    Here are five reasons why you need to be at one or all of your events next week!

    We have four events to choose from!

    We have curated four events, across four evenings next week, that give you a holistic approach to tackling your work and life challenges featuring amazing facilitators and speakers. You can then choose whether you want to come to one or all four!

    Wellness, Spirituality, Zen: Hip Hop Yoga with Sanchia Legister on Tuesday 21st November 2017 6:30pm

    Leadership, Fashion, Business: An evening with Lucy Choi London on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 6:30pm

    Confidence, Beauty, Nutrition & Skincare: An evening with Smashbox Cosmetics on Thursday 23rd November 2017 6:30pm

    Intersectionality, Confidence & using your voice: Black women share their lessons at Thomson Reuters on Friday 24th November 2017 6:30pm

    You get to network with a Bossbabe squad! 



    The feedback we always get from every single event is that “everyone is so friendly and supportive!” We are experts in creating a safe space for women to talk about career, business or lifestyle concerns. Our attendees are always a group of cool chics; they come to interact with you and make new friends. So many friendships have been formed at our events, businesses started and collaborations established so utilise the opportunity to make new connections!

    Expert advice & brands 

    We have some of the most well established facilitators who will be delivering our masterclasses and speaking on our panels. We have got the best of the absolute best in the business to help you figure out and map out your next career or business move, feel more confident and most importantly to hear from women who have seen and conquered; the best part is that they want you to WIN!

    Time to reflect and set some goals for 2018

    Yes, we know, the lead up to Christmas and the end of the year for many can be filled with colds/flu and generally we all start to feel extra tired and exhausted from the year. However, it is still important for you to take time to reflect on 2017. What went well? What lessons did you learn from any failures? Where do you want your work and life to take you in 2018? What advice and tips can you take forward from the festival?


    Yes, when it is all said and done Girls, just really wanna have fun! Who doesn’t love special discounts, goody bags, fiyah music, vibes and drinks with the girls?!

    Treat yourself and your mates by booking a ticket for our festival here

    If you are coming along please do use and follow the hashtag #iammogulfestival

    (Feature inmage: Divasanddorks.com)



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