• May 27, 2019

    Five ways to combat Imposter Syndrome

    A recent article on wearethecity.com revealed that 49% of millennials struggle with imposter syndrome at work. This is alarming because millennials already account for 35% of the workforce. The survey from careercake showed that the biggest worry for those surveyed was ‘not being “good enough” or being found out that you don’t have the ability to perform your role. This then increases the level of anxiety millennials are experiencing at work. This is not great news, because in no time, millennials will be the majority of the workforce, in charge of teams, budgets and departments. Having low self-esteem at work is not great news for business or the well-being of employees-something needs to be done to support the future leaders of the global workforce, fast!

    Girls Talk London, have five ways to combat imposter syndrome, come on girls, we go this!

    1.Focus on what you can control

    Sometimes we can worry ourselves sick with the things that are completely outside of our control such as other people’s behaviours or reactions. The focus should be on what we can actually control. Make a list of the things that you can control or change and stick this in a visible place so that you remember that your confidence and self-esteem starts within.

    2. Listen to music that makes you feel good!

    Make your own playlist of songs that make you feel good and listen to this before an interview, important meeting or when you need a lift in mood. Check out our own imposter syndrome busting playlist here to get you started!

    3. Meditation 

    Take 3 mins to take a step back and quieten the negative thoughts that are circling inside your mind. Meditation can help when you feel overwhelmed, before bedtime or to calm your nerves before an important meeting or presentation. There are a lot of great apps with guided meditations such as Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer.

    4. Speak Up

    You may feel intimidated in a meeting full of Senior people, who are all chiming in like wolves with their opinions! Just remember that you deserve a seat at that table and your opinion matters. Find a slot to interject and speak your mind, before someone else says what you had planned to say. Attempt to get in very early on in the meeting.

    5. Remember the bigger picture

    Right now millennials account for 35% of the workforce so very soon, they will be calling the shots! Don’t let your position right now, cloud your hope for the future. Sooner than later you will be running things!

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