• September 5, 2014

    Just started sixth form? Some advice to survive the next two years

    Nana gives us the low down on how to survive the difficult transition from Year 11 to Year 12.

    As summer 2014 comes to an end, many of you will be getting yourselves ready and prepared for your first of year of sixth form! I have just completed my two years of sixth form and I am now headed off to university this September (it has gone way too quick!). The 3 tips below are just some of the things that you should keep in mind during your time in sixth form. As someone who has just gone through it, I thought I would pass on my advice on how to survive sixth form and make it to the end!

    1. “It is a massive step from GCSES”

    As for this first tip, you have probably heard it before from your teachers, career advisors or even older siblings! If you haven’t, this tip is very important. It REALLY is a MASSIVE step from GCSES. From personal experience, I found myself struggling in subjects that were an absolute breeze at GCSE. The work load is double (if not more) the amount you would be given at GCSE and the content is way more in-depth. Although that does sound a little scary you CAN get through it by prioritising your work and making sure you keep your end goal in mind e.g. university, dream job etc.

    Nana 2

    1. Choose the right subjects!

    This is one of the vital aspects of sixth form that many get wrong. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when choosing subjects:

    –       DO make sure you enjoy them (nothing worse than dreading the lessons once in sixth form)

    –       DO ask yourself if you can get good grades at the end (nothing worse than working hard over the two years to then fail an A level!)

    –       If you plan to go to university, DO check which subjects and grades are required for your particular course.

    –       DO choose a sixth form that you feel comfortable in and know you will be able to spend the next two years in.

    –       DO NOT choose subjects because your friends are doing it – (this will give you an opportunity to make new friends!)

    –       DO NOT leave work to the last minute (if not, prepare to have a nervous breakdown…no joke)

    –       DO NOT drop a subject in the first term (as unconvincing as it may sound, you may end up needing it for the future or even end up enjoying it!)

    1. Don’t Quit!

    Finally, ask any person that has done A levels and they will let you know about the countless amount of times that they wanted to quit and throw in the towel. A Levels are hard and that is the truth BUT at the same time it is one of the most rewarding steps you can take in your life. You will feel like a conqueror once you finish and it will all be worth in the end especially once you get that university place, internship or job at the end of it!

    All the best and good luck!

    Written by Nana Muyovwe

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