• September 7, 2014

    Letter to my 16 year old self: Three

    My dearest me,

    So you’re 16! I’m proud of you, you’ve bounced back from some really difficult times over the last few years. Being bullied hurt you, but you survived my love. You’ve fought for your happiness and you deserve it. I know that when really bad times come along you tend to gloss over them and keep your head up and carry on. I know you’re worried about telling people about what’s really going on but you shouldn’t be. It’s hard to process some of the things so you blamed yourself and tried to keep it moving but let me tell you something – it’s not your fault. It never was. It’ll take almost 10 years for you to deal with it all but my love, it’ll be worth it. It’ll hurt, but the joy you’ll feel is worth it.

    I wish you could understand how special you are and how much potential you have. You’re intelligent and a little bit lazy/unmotivated at times (bad combo), but you will reach the stars if you put your mind to it. Don’t worry about everyone else young one and their expectations, you’re a good kid. A lot of change has been happening, you did well in your GCSE’s, you’ve chosen your A-Levels and you have chosen to go to a new school! I’m so glad you changed schools for Sixth Form, you can finally be yourself without memories of the past and with no judgement! You’ve found your first love, your social life is great but your grades….honey….I love you but you need to work! Find some balance between your books and your friends.

    Sixth form has been a big change for you, such a huge shift from where you were before. You’re really learning about yourself, you’re way more lively than you used to be and so much happier than before and I love it. No one really understands it but the freedom you now have should be cherished. Freedom is your ally and your growing courage is your fuel. I love you. You inspire me to keep dreaming, to keep trying.

    You’ll experience devastating failure in the years to come (trust me), but as per usual you’ll be fine afterwards, once you find some balance and find yourself. If there is one thing I know about you, it’s that you know how to bounce back after a disaster and you shock people when you do. You become more and more resilient and able to see where you may have gone wrong and patterns of behaviour that don’t really help you to succeed. Don’t isolate yourself and choose your people wisely, you know who is for you and who isn’t.

    Don’t give up on your love of art and music, you’ll discover you’re what’s known as a ‘creative’ – you’ll carry on loving art, fashion, music, theatre and live performances and your future career may involve working with people in these fields in an unexpected way.  We both know what music means to you so don’t lose your voice. Don’t give up on your interests or choose to do things because it is what you think people expect of you, you choose your own path. You’ll discover you are way stronger than you give yourself credit for and you’ll learn that your strength will grow with every step you take.

    Keep learning and growing and follow your instinct, you know what is right for you and you know what your heart needs.

    Enjoy your life young one, make the most of everything.

    I love you,

    God Bless you,


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