• August 17, 2015


    Cancer Research UK is encouraging women to love their own skin this summer, by protecting it from harmful UV damage. Research has found that many women desire a tan because it makes them feel healthier or more attractive*. However, in an attempt to achieve the perfect tan women are harming their skin. Too much exposure to UV radiation, either from the sun or sunbeds, can cause cosmetic damage to the skin. This includes premature ageing, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. So in fact even though a tan is considered ‘healthy’ it is actually depleting natural beauty earlier than anticipated!

    Besides inducing unwanted wrinkles, if attitudes do not steer away from tanning, and we do not protect our skin from UV damage, rates of malignant melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) in the UK are unlikely to decline.

    So I think it’s about time we do love our skin and make sure we keep it as healthy as we can by following these simple steps when the sun is strong:

    1. It’s time to put summer fashion into full swing and cover up with clothing such as a cotton blouse or t-shirt, a classy wide-brimmed hat and our much loved sunglasses
    2. Spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest, between 11am and 3pm in the UK
    3. Use sunscreen with at least SPF15 and a minimum of 4 stars, and apply it generously and regularly
    4. Avoid using sunbeds

    You can find more useful beauty tips on how to #Loveyourskin in this great buzzfeed article.

    * Survey found 69% of women 18-44 said that a tan made them feel healthier and over half said that it made them feel more attractive (Research commissioned by TV channel Really on Freeview, 2,000 women 18-44, July 2013)



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