• September 17, 2015

    MAC X Giambattista VALLI collaboration

    Lippy junkies & MAC fanatics we bring you good news! MAC has joined up with Couture fashion designer Giambattista Valli to launch a beautiful lipstick line. The collection consists of five matte lipsticks and one gloss, which are all colours that are inspirations from Valli’s previous collections.

    1. Lena is the gloss of the batch, made to be worn alone although it can be worn as an extra figure of speech on top of the lipsticks in the collection. The beauty has a pearl-pink finish with a subtle creamy effect.

    2. Biana B is the luminous opague feature of the collection which applies very smoothly on the lips and is advised to be worn as a statement effect if you are having a lazy day at the makeup counter.

    3. Margherita is such a warm tone perfect for that summer holiday evening. It has solid peachy pigmentation and truly does suit all skin tones, although it is not what we would consider as a true matte.

    4. Tats is that crazy hot pink shade that every girl MUST own in her makeup bag. An amazing intense shade which is not recommended if you are planning on playing it safe.

    5. Charlotte is the all rounded perfect tone if you like to keep it minimal. A great deep poppy red which is great for a natual faced day at work. It also has a creamy finish which is not as mattyfying as maybe Ruby Woo but still amazingly comfortable!

    6. Euginie is such a great shade to wear when the weather starts to cool down. It reminds us a little of the Illumiasqua shade that urban decay used to sell. The black cherry red is a great every day accesory for your makeup closet and a great natural tone if you are limited of time in the mornings!

    MAC 2

    The great thing about this collection is that the packaging of the lipsticks is the exact same colour as the actual tone of the lipstick, so if you are anything like most people in the world and own about 5 MAC lipsticks this really saves you the hassle of having to open every lipstick to find the one you are after!

    Sade Johnson

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