• January 19, 2016

    Make 2016 guilt-free

    It was when I was sat drinking Prosecco one evening this Christmas break and weighing up whether I should take down the decorations, bake cakes for family the next day, or put on a face mask and start my new book that I decided I was going to write about feeling guilty over ‘me time’.

    Because I’ve recently discovered that if I choose to do the things I should over the things I love all of the time, I’m not a very nice person. I’m stressed and I’m cranky and I’m cross. I feel cheated out of time, putting something I don’t want to do before something I do.

    So I started doing a little bit of what I loved before doing what I should. (In some cases I even merged the two: listening to podcasts whilst washing up made the task easier to bear, but that should only be as a last resort because nothing is as good as giving a great podcast your undivided attention.) I looked at the washing, then I looked at the bookshelf. Then I looked at the washing again, decided it wasn’t going anywhere so got my book instead. Then I did the washing, of course, but I did it still slightly lost in a fictional world. And smug that for once I listened to my own advice!

    It’s simple and it sounds a bit like what you might hear from divorce counselling – to be able to look after everyone around you, you need to be able to look after yourself, both in body and in mind. And what role models will we be for the younger generation if they see us sacrificing our needs for the needs of others? Ours mothers might have, but we shouldn’t.

    2016 will hopefully bring you many great things, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it bought you more ‘me time’ and less guilt? Let’s start from now. Pour a glass of something cold/grab your book/find that facemask/put your headphones and take five. Or ten.

    Stephanie Bolton


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