• September 7, 2014

    Natural Make up tips

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    Nowadays some girls feel that in order to be accepted by society they have to meet a particular ideal. This means that teens and younger women feel that in order to go out and be accepted they need a face full of makeup. We’re not saying wearing makeup is wrong but why not try natural looks wearing minimal make up but just the right amount to make you feel confident. Wearing make-up is fine but you should only wear it for yourself not for other people- it should be for you and no one else. Here are some of our basic make up tips:

    1. Instead of using foundation you should try using a tinted moisturiser-these give you coverage but also give a quite natural look. Also, quite a lot of tinted moisturisers have a property which can reduce redness in skin and also prevent spots.
    1. If you’re not a foundation person, try a basic loose powder applying it lightly onto your face. We love to use a transparent loose powder because it gives that coverage which conceals your face to blend all together but isn’t cakey on your face.
    1. To add definition to your eyes use brown and cream eye shadows. Putting the cream eye shadow on your lid and then blend the brown into your crease. This gives definition but is quite simple and basic.
    1. Not slept much? Not to worry add a little concealer to any dark circles then use a white eyeliner on your lower waterline and go across it. Then take a brown liquid eyeliner so it’s not too heavy and tight line your top lash line adding a small flick for a desired effect.
    1. Lips… now you can go for two different looks depending on where you’re going. You can either go for a bold lip which is good for going out with friends where as a nude look will be good if you’re going to work or for a job interview.

    Hopefully these simple tips have helped! Remember: Make sure that you wear make up to please yourself. Everyone is an individual and you have to make sure that you keep your own unique identity in your look allowing your personality to shine through.

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    Written by Legs and Wheels, aged 14 & 16

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