• June 23, 2016

    Seven pieces to wear for a power meeting

    Do you have an important meeting coming up? Do you want to command attention and respect? We have seven pieces that you should wear for your next power meeting.

    Misguided Suit (1)


    Next Suit


    1. Suits have a way of making a great impression, regardless of the type. Clean lines, formal and often elegant you can set the professional tone in an instant. Missguided have a fitted tailored suit that’ll make a long lasting impression. An appealing blue suit can also do the job, Next have this cool but strong pair for £80.

    Missguided Suit

    Next Suit

    2. Blouse.


    Next Blouse

    With the right blouse you can score big points. Ensure that you pick elegance over colour. Possibly an oversized bow or frilled necklines to show your sophistication, keep it polished by tucking it in. Next has a gorgeous lace blouse with a beautiful bow that can be worn tucked into a slick pair or trousers or skirt? Your choice.

    Hawes&Curtis Blouse

    Step into the world of Hawes and Curtis to find this divine red silk blouse for a mere £25.

    Hawkes and Curtis

    3. Belt.

    Calvin Klein Belt

    If you’re opting for a trouser suit or just trousers and a blouse try a belt that’s smart with an abstract buckle, this will flatter and grab the attention of all. Calvin Klein have an affordable black steel belt that’s simple yet on point.

    Asos Belts

    You can also peruse ASOS for a stream of belts to compliments your outfit, just stay away from loud colours.

    Calvin Klein


    Dorothy Perkins Box Jackets

    4. A formal jacket should always compliment your outfit and not over shadow it- try a dog collar or a Chanel inspired tweed look. If you have a fuller middle these jackets are great for creating an illusion of a smaller waist. Dorothy Perkins has a suite of box cut jackets that range from £17.99 to £35.

    Dorothy Perkins

    Mango Pencil Skirts

    5. Pencil Skirt.

    It’s impossible to deny the formality of a pencil skirt, no matter what you style it with, it just oozes sophistication. Set those goals and highlight your targets with an edge that’s sharp, formal and simply flattering. Check out the Mango sale fast.



    6. Jewellery

    Try to keep your rings to a minimum of two, we often gesture a lot when addressing a crowd so less is more here. Necklaces should be low key and quite delicate. The ideal pair is a single stone or pearl earring with a drop necklace to match.

    Miss KG shoes

    7. Heels

    Walk tall with a dominant pair of heels. Courts are very appropriate but don’t be afraid to branch out, it’s often the case that a single modest colour will do the trick. A thicker heel will keep you balanced if you’re not keen or even a smart wedge. Take a look Miss KG via the house of Fraser site, too much to choose from.

    Miss KG

    Elizabeth Thomas, 

    Fashion Writer, Girls Talk London

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