• September 16, 2015

    She Says: Spring Cleaning your personal brand

    Last night I went to the She Says Spring Cleaning your personal brand event at Shoreditch House which focused on helping those mainly who have digital businesses or work in this industry to revamp the way they come across online and in person. This was a fantastic event and I learnt a great deal and am starting to revamp my own personal brand as we speak. It gave me some ideas on how to improve our website and digital offerings so watch this space. In the meantime below are some of the key takeaways which I hope can help anyone in whatever industry they work in as we all need to work on our personal brand.

    -First impressions are developed much quicker than we initially think and are sub conscious. Kate from Style Psychology explained ‘it takes someone just 3 SECS to form an impression of you’.

    -Appearance, body language and mannerisms count!

    -When sending your CV out to companies whether its applying for jobs diretcly or speculatively do something different.

    -One of the speakers shared how when she came to the UK she would send home made Sushi along with her CV and companies remembered her years later!

    -Rachel Brushfield from Energise said ‘ In less than 5 years time few companies will have full time staff and most will recruit experts online for specific projects’.

    -Having a distinctive online personal brand will help you.

    -People buy with their hearts and emotions

    -Ask yourself these questions: What do you bring to the table? Is it updated? Have you translated it? How do you add value?

    -Janet, Co Founder of Social Media Communications agency, Attica was phenomenal! She stressed how important it is to think about your credibility score, who do you want to work with, where is your tribe and who is always cheering you on.

    -Janet also gave a great tip for people who have busy lives to prepare all their meals for the week on a Monday! #MondayMarathon

    -Ian Harris, gave advice on how to use stories to further your personal brand and sometimes it’s about the style rather than the substance

    She Says is an award-winning organisation running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and marketing businesses.

    See more at :http://weareshesays.com/

    Vanessa Sanyauke

    Founder, Girls Talk London


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