• October 20, 2015

    Stylist Live: Secret tips from Sam & Nic Chapman, Pixiwoo

    Last weekend popular women’s weekly Stylist Magazine, held their very own exhibition in London and it was every shoppers dream. With free manicures, discounts on major make-up brands, independent fashion outlets and Q&A sessions from the best in the industry – it was an event not to be missed.

    I went along to the exhibition on Friday. I picked up a bargain make-up bag by Clarins with products specially selected for the exhibition, had a free glass of champers and finally got my hands on a Nars lip crayon. However, the main highlight for me was being lucky enough to attend a Q&A session with Sam and Nic Chapman, founders of the professional but affordable brush collection, Real Techniques. Sam and Nic were also at the forefront of the YouTube revolution. In 2008, Sam uploaded her first video showing how to create a smoky eye and launching the Pixiwoo channel. Sam and Nic soon started to collaborate and in 2010 the channel reached 30,000 subscribers. Today the sisters are the biggest beauty bloggers around, with their make-up tutorials commanding 190million views. Their videos concentrate on using the right tools to create different looks and they have a nurtured a global community in which women connect with one another to share their top tips.

    During the Q&A session the two sisters spoke honestly and openly about their career while answering the audience’s burning questions. Two top tips I picked up from the session were:

    1. Applying false eye lashes

    This has always been an unknown territory to me so I was really pleased when a member of the audience asked how to apply false eyelashes correctly.

    –          Firstly, the key thing is to make sure they fit. Sam explained that naturally there are no lashes by the inner corner of your eyes and therefore if you stick false eye lashes over this area they will irritate your eye and cause them to water and in turn cause the lashes to peel.

    –          Then you need to pick your glue. You can pick up a good eye lash clue from the brand Duo but if you are allergic to latex a good option would be Revlon’s latex free eye lash glue. Once you apply the glue to the lashes leave to rest for 15 seconds. Sam emphasised that this was the most crucial part of applying false eye lashes. She explained the more tacky the glue, the less likely they are to move around once they have been applied.

    –          The final stage is the application. The best way to do this is to use tweezers. Stand in front of a mirror and look down. Then pop the lashes on, pushing the outer and inner corners down. The fundamental rule to using false eye lashes is that once they are on, they are on. Fiddling with them will irritate your eyes and make them feel uncomfortable.

    1. Creating the ultimate long lashes

    Having long lashes is every woman’s dream so the sisters spilled their top secrets.

    –          Use a pro eye lash serums

    –          Use two different mascaras. Using a normal mascara followed by a waterproof mascara is the secret success to long lashes. The waterproof mascara seals in the normal mascara and builds on the length

    –          The last secret involved how to apply mascara. The best way is to start at the root and then use a rocking movement as you work your way up to the top of your lashes. This elongates the lashes and causes them to grow each time you apply the mascara

    Make sure you check out Pixiwoo’s videos and you can follow them on Twitter too! All your make-up woes will be solved forever more.

    Katy Ashford


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