• March 1, 2016

    Successful women share the best advice ever given

    As I type this post I am currently sitting in my living room and it is 00:01. I am on my laptop with a towel wrapped around my head as I managed to squeeze in some time to actually wash and condition my hair this month. It got me thinking that I wish someone told me that when you run your own business you would barely have enough time to sleep let alone groom yourself. I honestly thought starting my own business would be like Rihanna’s new video, Work, with me in the club having some fun enjoying all this free time because I am the Boss!


    Hahaha. WRONG. What is also wrong are Memes like the one above which falsely tell you to become an entrepreneur so that you can live the life you want, blah blah blah, all lies. My word of advice: if you want to spend your days sitting on a beach with a book in hand, don’t think becoming an entrepreneur will give you that life. That is called retirement or winning the lottery!

    I asked some of the most successful women I know to share the best piece of advice they have been given, hopefully these words of wisdom will help you along your journey.

    Natalie Campbell, Non-executive director & Founder of a very good company

    “You’re kind of a big deal!’

    It takes a while and a lot of graft before you realise how good you are at your work, being a friend or just being a meaningful part of the universe. When your friends tell you and show you this it changes how you see yourself.

    Catalina Bayvel, Girls Talk London advisory board member & Senior Banker

    “Act as if you were”

    Start doing the role that is next in your progression path and at the same time perform your current role with 100% effort.

    Katrina Arnold, HSBC

    Whenever you look back on something, be it a major or minor event, you should always be able to say that you behaved impeccably”

    That applies in both personal and professional situations and I find it a good moral compass even now in my late fifties. It always pulls me up when I am about to let my immediate emotions rule my brain! It also works for social situations, don’t behave in a way you may subsequently regret.

    Cat Turner & Bridey Lipscombe, Co-Founders of Cult LDN

    “Fail faster” 

    Co-founding Cult LDN three years ago, after an epiphany moment, allowed us the ability to shape the agency from scratch which naturally provided its challenges alongside being very rewarding. Perhaps, the best business advice we’ve received has been to fail faster – you’ll look back on those mistakes and realise they are what made you – we spend less time worrying about what went wrong and more on finding solutions.

    Remel London, Presenter

    “Keep up the good work and stand out”

    The best advice I received was from an American music agent who encouraged me to keep up the good work and to keep representing young black broadcasters over here in the UK. She said that although I am a minority as a black female  in the UK media industry,  she highlighted that this is why I am unique and will stand out against everyone. This helped re-confirm to me why I should stay true to myself and try not to fit in, but instead stand out, to be different and be the one to make the change in the British Broadcasting industry.

    Sabina Mckenzie Brown, Director and Founder of Mckenzie Brown Media

    One day you will just be a memory, so do your best to be a good one”

    “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life” 

    “Never do things in halves” 

    “Keep making your art, art is important, it’s a depiction of the world around you in this day and age” 

    Dean Quinton, Presenter

    “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Be humble and have reasonable confidence in your own powers because without it you cannot be successful”

    What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received? We would love to read your comments below!




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