• October 23, 2015

    The cancer charities you should know about: Part 3

    In the third part of our series on cancer charities you should know more about, we look at Mummy’s Star. It’s hard work becoming a mother – the sleepless nights, the worries, the changes in your body – and fighting cancer is even harder, requiring every bit of strength you, and those around you, have. So what happens when you have to cope with both becoming a mother and fighting cancer?

    Well, that’s where Mummy’s Star comes in. Peter Wallroth founded the charity after a devastating personal experience, when his wife Mair died of breast cancer two months after giving birth to their son Merlin.

    “After her death, her sister Louise and I wanted something positive to come out of the family’s ordeal. Her experience had raised a lot of issues, not just around the cancer and pregnancy themselves, but also the experience and challenges associated with motherhood in genera,” explains Peter.

    “That’s why we set up Mummy’s Star, an organisation dedicated to providing pregnant women or new mothers suffering from cancer with the financial support, information and practical help they need to get through it.” This support and information includes dealing with the mental impact and supporting children, partners and extended family.

    But providing this support and information isn’t all they do; they are also on a mission to dispel myths and raise awareness:

    “It’s clear to us and from working with those around us that cancer in pregnancy is an area that is seldom discussed in the cancer sector, and its impact on young families is not well-recognised. While the circumstance of cancer in pregnancy is deemed ‘rare’, it seems as though it is becoming increasingly common. So this is an area that needs constant work to change perceptions and further heighten awareness,” says Peter.

    If you’d like to support or find our more about Mummy’s Star, visit mummysstar.org.

    Stephanie Bolton



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