• August 17, 2014

    Today’s perception of beauty

    We now live in a generation powered by social media – every detail of your life can be viewed in a collage of photographs on Instagram and Twitter. Some find themselves pretending to do things to impress others, pretending to look like something they aren’t (with the power of Photoshop) as without this, we worry what others will say on the internet.
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    We are socially driven, such a crazy world, in which opinions from someone we have never met and someone that lives in a different country can actually affect how we feel about ourselves! So many are afraid to show their natural beauty and if some are brave enough to do so, then others find a way to put them down. Even being a blogger myself, I feel the need for everything to seem to be perfect. When no one sees behind the scenes or what actually goes on… We place too much emphasis on our imperfections and should focus more on what makes us unique.

    I’m very guilty, a bit of a hypocrite really, to say we should show our natural beauty when I touch up my imperfections! But overall, I actually am happy with myself and I’m starting to not be so bothered by others opinions. I try to understand why some people broadcast them more strongly than I, or others would.


    Do you agree girls? We are all guilty of it now and then! We want others to see us how we wish we were. We are almost addicted to appearances and influenced by social media. A perfect example of this, the beauty industry: faces photo-shopped around the world. Not only do we do this to our faces, but we even want our food and newly purchased items to look beautiful by placing them in a certain way, using filters and nice backgrounds to make them seem better.

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    In a way, I blame apps like Instagram for encouraging people to live an almost double life – showing off luxuries we can’t actually afford or have, being places we don’t fit in too and being people we aren’t. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by people on their phones, they are now part of our daily routine, we now wake up and check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram like a morning newspaper. We are highly influenced by it all as it’s so powerful, we believe what others show us and we act upon it, looking at some people’s Instagram profiles it would seem like they live the perfect life, but is that the case – We only show others what we want them to see.

    What do you think? Do you use filters and Photoshop for your blog posts? Are you Instagram obsessed? –Let us know your comments below

    Written by Jill Gourlay
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