• February 19, 2016

    Try a bold lip or eye this weekend

    This is definitely the time to employ either the ‘bold eye or bold lip’. This statement simply makes it easier to make a decision on what you want to ‘pop’ – the eyes or the lips, but do not do both-that would be too overpowering. It’s a rule that I use regularly when trying different looks, as it just introduces balance.

    Bold Lip
    The first step of any good lipstick application is to prep your lips. This means moisturising with a product of your choice. If you have chapped lips (drink more water), you can brush with an old toothbrush, or something else equally as gentle and this will remove any excess skin.

    Then add your moisturiser on top to smooth out, you’ll see a huge difference. The art is to apply just enough rich colour for depth(red, plums) but not to go outside the lines. The use of a lip liner is an effective way of reducing smudging or a q-tip to remove excess lipstick from the edge of your lips. You can always tidy up around your mouth with a q-tip and more foundation if it all gets too messy.

    Bold Eyes

    I absolutely love a bold smokey eye and mute lips, this look can be subtle or dramatic-either way the combination can be jaw dropping. Begin by prepping the eyelid area with a quality primer. Primers act like fillers or putty to create a perfect surface area to apply colour to.

    Add colour gradually to the eyelids using a flat eyeshadow brush, remember to build up on eye colour as its easier to control the intensity this way. Always start with the transition colour first and then the lighter colours, finishing up with the darkest. With a smokey eye this could be the dark greys combined with charcoals and blacks on your palettes or a choice of compatible colours, it’s doesn’t have to be shades of black so experiment.

    Another tip is the use of ‘scotch tape’ to create perfect lines and to aid blending- please see diagram below. This is useful and saves time.



    Lastly no smokey eye would be complete without false lashes, they create additional depth to an already fantastic look.

    Whatever you choose, whether a date or simply going out with the girls make your makeup count!

    Denise Campbell

    Make-up artist

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